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T In The Park, Balado Airfield in Kinross, Scotland
July 14, 2002
Other Acts:
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  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • Bex: "Waiting for the guys to come on was one of the most atmospheric moments ever! I think that a lot of people must have already seen Green Day live, because eveyone knew the drill! Then, from the impatient chanting, 'Green Day! Green Day!' came the unforgettable flashing and noise that the well-known sirens! And out they all ran! They looked fabulous and fit! Cheering was thunderous! And then it started! Maria was the first song. The second line was followed by the stage-side fireworks. The crowd just went mad! I think I defended my boyfriend from screaming. As Maria finished, the bang of another set of fireworks went off! The next song was a fantastic version of Longview! The crowd sings half the lyrics! Mike was the one I watched in this song. I don't know if this is just me and my obsessive personality, but you know how it is in the Longview video? Well, when they start singing the chorus. Well, Mike's hair was quite long and when he did the nod-head bit on stage, his hair reacted about five minutes later! The next song is Hitchin' A Ride Billie Joe gets the whole crowd singing, 'One, two! One, two, three, four! Are you ready?! Stop! All it's gonna take my friends, all it's gonna take is a simple one, two! One, two, three, four!! Shit!' Continues with song. As well as screaming, 'Alright, Scotland!' and 'He-e-e-e-e-yho-o-o-o-o!' Next songs are Brain Stew and Jaded, both brilliant! Basket Case was dedicated to an especially crazy girl in the front row. I nearly passed out! Basket Case followed by She - my favorite songs. And believe me, when it's live, it's a million times better than recorded. Green Day don't need studio engineerers - they should just bang down live albums! I managed to get my hands on a copy of 'Green Day - Live at T In the Park' from an ace little shopping arcade called Affleck's Palace in Manchester. It was only £7 and is my favourite album I own! The live songs just have so much energy. You can tell that the guys must love performing. And I'm not surprised, they are just so talented! King for a Day was also another great song! There was Billie Joe running around in a crown and a cape with fluffy bee's playing the trombone! This was followed by Lulu's Shout! Billie Joe's voice was just so sexy in this song! And Tre had a little scream at the beginning too! He was also on the speakers next to his drum kit acting the ever-lovable fool! I think Tre's ace! Waiting and then Minority followed with the crowd singing the ever-fulfilling 'fuck 'em all!' After Tre jumped on and recked his drum kit (why no set on fire, Tre?) Billie Joe finished with an brilliant rendition of Good Riddance on electric guitar. It really worked well! Now for the little details! There were only two backgrounds used at T In the Park festival. It started off with that Pop Disaster skull thing. The that fell down to reviel the International Superhits background. At Manchester this drops again to show Green Day wrote in that japenese lettering all lit up in red! The two lads who got up on stage to play drums and bass were brilliant. But this girl who got up to play guitar wasn't. No offence. You could see when she got up when Billie Joe asked her if she got what she had to do. She did an OK job, though. Although, Alex told me that they turned her off and this other guy behind played it instead. Mind you, I would have pretended to play guitar if it meant me getting on the stage."
Photos from Kinross, Scotland
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1. Maria
2. Longview
3. Hitchin' A Ride
4. Brain Stew
5. Jaded
6. Basket Case
7. She
8. King For A Day
9. Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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