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Bank Of America Centre in Boise, ID
November 30, 1997
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  • Devlyn Swenson: "Tré was the first one on the stage, jumping on his drum stool, and holding up his arms as the crowd roared. Tré was in lovely attire this evening, wearing a black Nimrod shirt, red shorts over black sweatpants, and freshly spiked green hair. Mike and Billie came on together. Billie was wearing a retro smoking jacket with leopard-print fuzz lapels (the rest was black) over a white button-up collared shirt and a black tie. His pants were also black. Mike was wearing a black jacket over a red shirt and black shorts. As soon as they were all up on the stage, they blasted into Going To Pasalacqua. People really started moshing then, and I was thoroughly pressed up against this little preppy girl right at center stage. And, just as i was getting a good long stare at Tré, i got kicked in the head. I started throwing punches as well as i could before the surfers were pulled down by security. I think getting kicked in the head was part of the reason I can't reason I can't remember the set list in order. Oh well. The problem with being at the very front of the crowd, besides the kicking of my head and the moshers, is that you can't really hear the music. The amps are to the side of you, and you can't hear hardly anything except for the drums. I couldn't hear Mike doing backup vocals at all. Anyway, here's what I can remember from the setlist: Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin' A Ride, The Grouch, Scattered, Jinx/Haushinka, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Prosthetic Head, Geek Stink Breath, No Pride, Brain Stew/Jaded, Chump/Longview, Welcome To Paradise, Basket Case, She, F.O.D., 2,000 Light Years Away, Knowledge, Going to Pasalacqua, Paper Lanterns, The One I Want, and I Want To Be Alone. That's 21 songs in about an hour and a half. About halfway through the concert, I could no longer breathe, which is always the best. I love lack of oxygen to the brain. So, I tried to make my way through the crowd as best as I could. I finally reached the seated part of the arena, and sat for the next two songs. I couldn't see anyone but Billie, because the amps were in the way, so I moved to a spot where I could sit and enjoy the rest of the show. The show came to an end, and people started chanting, 'We want more!' This, however, got no response from the band, who had already left the stage. So, we started shouting, 'Green Day, Green Day,' etc. The crowd was pleased as the band once again adorned the stage. They played a couple more songs, and after, they just went crazy. Bill was sitting next to an amp, absentmindedly strumming chords, and trying to get as much feedback as he could. Mike finally went stage left, got as many water bottles as he could, and started quirting water over the audience. Tré was doing the same thing, only he started with beer. Then they went even more nuts. Mike threw his bass (not the same one you see in the videos and stuff) up into the air as Tré went about smashing his bass drum onto his ride. Bill was still playing the chords into the amp. When Tré got sick of smashing his beautiful green drums, he found a dolly on the side of the stage, and proceeded to slide across the stage on it. He almost fell into the audience more than twice. Mike, for the most part, had disappeared from the front of the stage, but I could see him at the side of the stage, fucking with the soundboard. I think he was trying to help Billie in blowing all of our eardrums out. Tré left the stage, and then Mike, then Billie decided to do a solo. He played the last song of the show, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)."
Photos from Boise, ID
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1. Going To Pasalacqua
2. Welcome To Paradise
3. Geek Stink Breath
4. Nice Guys Finish Last
5. Hitchin' A Ride
6. Chump
7. Longview
8. 2,000 Light Years Away
9. Brain Stew
10. Jaded
11. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
12. Basket Case
13. She
14. F.O.D.
15. Paper Lanterns
16. Scattered
17. Prosthetic Head
18. The Grouch
19. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
20. The One I Want
21. I Want To Be Alone
22. No Pride
23. Jinx
24. Haushinka
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