Backroom in Austin, TX
January 06, 1993
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  • punkdvds: "Video shot by George Hewitt, give the man some credit... Thanks."
  • Mike Fuentes: "True story. I remember being at my friend's house playing that game while Green Day was there hanging out. Austin, TX, 1993."
  • Christopher W. Puryear: "Billie had a real bad case of the flu. I remember the guy in Austin made them play anyway. You could tell he felt like crap."
  • Tajstah: "I remember pretty well for it being so long ago. I remember the guy with the spiked mohawk, he was the singer for the band that opened for Green Day. They were called Orafist. I also remember the guy in the crowd with the Santa hat. I am trying to identify myself but unfortunately it's just too blurry."
  • "...Moving to a little more well-known band, has anyone heard Green Day? They put on an incredibly energetic live show in Austin (and more than made up for the absolutely horibble opening act, Orafist), and are actually coming here to College Station soon. They have a great 'neo-pop/punk' sound, with simple, yet still good lyrics."
  • Jonathan: "So there I was, staring at a flyer for a concert that coming Wednesday at Austin’s “The Back Room” on East Riverside. A concert I was too young to even go to. The band was called Green Day and they just looked crazy. Their lead singer had dreads and the Kerplunk! album art with a cute punk rock girl and a smiling flower looked just enough like a comic book and Japanese manga to make me want to check it out. And she was holding a smoking gun. Maybe it was just a lighter. And would I have loved to go the show? Honestly, I'd have murdered to go the show."
Photos from Austin, TX
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1. 2,000 Light Years Away
2. Only Of You
3. Welcome To Paradise
4. At The Library
5. When I Come Around
6. Don't Leave Me
7. At The Library
8. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
9. Christie Road
10. 16
11. Paper Lanterns / Resolution (Fifteen cover) / 1,000 Hours
12. Food Around The Corner
13. Dominated Love Slave
14. Longview
15. Going To Pasalacqua
16. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
17. Road To Acceptance
18. Disappearing Boy
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