Bonehead's Basement in Victoria, BC
October 06, 1992
Other Acts:
Pressure Cooker, Hung Ten
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  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • Strangehold: "Green Day in my buddy's basement..."
  • Dugald Souter: "I saw Green Day in a basement of one of the Dayglo Abortions members in Victoria in '92 or '93."
  • "Green Day live in (Jesus) Bonehead’s (drummer of the Dayglo Abortions) Basement, October 6, 1992. Victoria, BC, Canada. Video by Graham Caverhill."
  • Nadine LEsperance: "That time when Green Day played in Bonehead's basement in 1992 and Spud from Dayglo Abortions met them all hungover in the morning."
  • Coercion #4: "GREEN DAY, PRESSURE COOKER, HUNG TEN. Bonhead's. A crowded and sweaty night at Bonehead's if ever one there was. New band Hung Ten started things off, and were pretty cool. Fuzzy hardcore and Dayglo covers never sounded better. Next up were my personal favorite local band Pressure Cooker. Damn! These guys blew my doors off. Ska hardcore hybrids with a jazzy groove. A fucking great band. California super emo-core (or girly-punk, depending on whether or not you like them) band Green Day wrapped things up. Alongside fiery new tunes like 'Long View' and 'All By Myself', they plastered us with old faves like 'Welcome To Paradise', 'Only Of You', 'Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?', 'Christie Road', and 'Going To Pasalacqua'. You know, it's funny - the last three times I've seen Green Day, they've finished with 'Road To Acceptance'. And how did I know they were going to play 'Dominated Love Slave'? A great show, even though Green Day seems to play here more often than some local bands. Weird. The show finished early, so Aynsley's sister and all the other 14-year-old girls could go home to giggle over Billie Joe smiling at them."
Photos from Victoria, BC
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1. Longview
2. Welcome To Paradise
3. Only Of You
4. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
5. Christie Road
6. Going To Pasalacqua
7. Road To Acceptance
8. Dominated Love Slave
9. All By Myself
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