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The Joiners Arms in Southampton, England
December 17, 1991
Other Acts:
Jailcell Recipes, Older Than Dirt
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Recordings from the show can be found here
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "It was great. For some reason we had a bunch of weird clothes that we kept finding in these different towns that we would play, and which were wearing. It was a great show, though I did fall off the stage."
  • Louder Than War: "During this time we put on gigs for several bands that would later become huge. In December 1991, GREEN DAY played The Joiners with JAILCELL RECIPES & OLDER THAN DIRT (singer Mike put them up afterwards at his flat!) on their first UK tour to around 75 people. As it was near my birthday, they got me on-stage & sang Happy Birthday to me (somewhere it is all caught on video)!"
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "We played with a band Jailcell Recipes. They let us use their equipment every night we played with them in England. Great guys. This was our official unofficial release of Kerplunk. Larry Livermore smuggled our records on the plane from SF to England. He was also running around with Mr T Experience who were playing shows in Europe as well opening for Fugazi. The orange shorts I’m wearing are from a bag of clothes we found in the street. I probably got a disease from them. That night I fell off the stage behind the amp. I thought for a split second I was dead. Turns out I lived."
  • Kjersti Egerdahl, "Green Day: A Musical Biography": "On December 17, 1991, Green Day got the first finished copies of Kerplunk! At the moment, the bandmates were in Southampton, in southern England, getting ready for a show with Jailcell Recipes. They decided to make the show an impromptu record release party, despite being more than five thousand miles away from the East Bay. Green Day treated their audience to a setlist full of future hits from Kerplunk!, including Welcome to Paradise, 2,000 Light Years Away, and Christie Road. The band members threw on all the weird European clothes they had been collecting, and Armstrong fell off the stage - a show to remember."
  • Kerrang: "Twenty-five years, one month and one day before the interviews for this feature were conducted, on December 17, 1991, Green Day were in Hampshire, about to play a show at the Joiners Arms pub in Southampton. The date is significant because it was on this day that their second album, Kerplunk, was released (it emerged a month later on CD). On that day, the touring band were joined on the south coast by Larry Livermore, the owner of their record label at the time (Lookout!), who arrived on a flight from San Francisco having smuggled two boxes of his charges’ brand-new vinyl LP into the country. Onstage, in front of 75 people, the trio celebrated by turning the concert into a kind of record release party. They played wearing dresses and wigs that they’d accumulated in Germany. Billie Joe fell off the stage at the end of the night, Green Day and their one-person road crew slept in a flat belonging to a member of Jailcell Recipes, who also appeared on the bill."
  • STE Collective: "Probably the most talked about S.T.E. gig! Whilst there was a bit of excitement about GREEN DAY coming over, I don't think anyone would have predicted how big they were going to become. OLDER THAN DIRT opened with a typically rocking set. JAILCELL RECIPES from Merseyside played their 3rd Southampton gig ... The tour was booked D.I.Y. style by the Christy, Aidan & Mary Jane camp & my diary tells me 75 people came to the gig. Now as I (Rich) know/knew 90% of the people who were that night, over the years I have had people swear they were there that I know damned well weren't! GREEN DAY had received the advance copies of their 2nd 'Kerplunk' LP that day & after Shauna had let on it was just after my 25th birthday I ended up being presented with the last copy they had & I still have it. People have often asked me if I got the record signed, to which I say that i didn't even think about that - they were just another D.I.Y. touring band & would have laughed if I'd asked them to sign it. Afterwards GREEN DAY stayed at Mike's gaff & Billie Joe left a mess in the bathroom after dyeing his hair. Steve & Burgess Maria Christina ended up putting up JAILCELL RECIPES at their Eastleigh flat simply because there were fewer people with them than GREEN DAY - something Chrissy has often rued when telling fans of the band about it years later. Back at the flat we watched the video of all the bands that Sean from Wigan filmed earlier & it is this footage that appears on YouTube. The flyer backdrop I used was from the insert to the debut GREEN DAY LP '39/Smooth'. Years later 'Kerrang!' re-produced the flyer in a feature on the band & mocked the 'princely entrance fee'."
Photos from Southampton, England
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1. 80 (Soundcheck)
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Only Of You
4. 2,000 Light Years Away
5. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
6. Going To Pasalacqua
7. Christie Road
8. Disappearing Boy
9. Going To Pasalacqua
10. Road To Acceptance
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