Nordic Hall in Sioux Falls, SD
July 01, 1990
Other Acts:
Admiral, Collateral Damage, Face Of Decline
  • "1990 Forehead, Green Day, Face of Decline and Admiral (DC Dischord Records band). What a line-up... For $4!"
  • SKONJIE6: "I do believe I was there. I live in Florida now, but I used to live in Sioux Falls and visit in the summer. Green Day is kinda wimpy punk band though, FACE OF DECLINE RULES!"
  • Mike Dirnt: "The show before we went to St. Paul to record 'Sweet Children' EP, we were in South Dakota and the strap broke on my Peavey Patriot, and the guitar fell to the ground. The next day I opened up the case and realised guitar had broken in half..."
  • barre_chord_reality: "A good friend of mine was the promoter for nearly all of these shows. I saw tons and tons of bands before they broke it big. Green Day played at Nordic Hall in the early '90s pretty much for gas money. From there they made their way up to Mankato, MN where Billie Joe eventually met his wife."
  • Terry Taylor: "Green Day at Nordic Hall in Sioux Falls, SD in 1990. This was a start to a long line of punk rock shows I did for Green Day in Sioux Falls. We always got in a lot of mischief when they would come to town and stay at my house. Usually it involved Tre sneaking into local high schools and getting girls to lend him dresses for him to wear and run around like a maniac. Those were good times. Actually the first Green Day show I did, Tre was not even in the band yet."
  • John Kiffmeyer: "Well, we were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with the band ADMIRAL, and we went to a Wendy's salad bar, and I had 1,000 island dressing on top of lettuce with cottage cheese, peaches, ketchup, potato salad, some kind of weird-ass non-dairy strawberry yogurt or some kind of crap - all this stuff just stirred in together. It was just this broth - it was smoking when I brought it to the table. And everybody looked at it and just looked putrid, man, and I - SCHLORP!! - slurped the whole thing down. When I went for seconds, though, I couldn't do it again."
Photos from Sioux Falls, SD
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