Basement in Germantown, WI
July 07, 1990
Other Acts:
The A.G.'s
  • "...Playing a basement party outside Milwaukee with Green Day."
  • Aaron Cometbus: "Drove up to the club [The Unicorn] after show had already ended. Ad-hoc basement gig better than any show. Went through Blatz dumpster the next morning."
  • Duwayne Koerner: "Remember them being late from Minnesota and having Gus at the Unicorn say 'no show' - then an impromptu show at Grant's basement. Aaron Cometbus drank all Grant's dad's beer. Poor Leonard Kasten."
  • Cory von Bohlen: "They played Grant's house in '90 after The A.G.'s played two sets at the Unicorn, because Aaron Cometbus claimed directions from Dwayne were bad and they were hella late. 'No you can't play. You're fucking late!' - Gus."
  • Senator Dingdong: "And that would have to be Grant Kastens' basement. I saw them on the Slappy tour at Grant's house in Germantown because Gus wouldn't open the Unicorn to let them play for the 17 of us and my future girlfriend that set it up."
  • Brad Michel: "My best friend's sister worked at the student radio station at UW-Oshkosh. She would make him mix tapes and bring them home to him in Germantown. These tapes were filled with seismic shifts to my rock music paradigm. The first time I heard The Smiths, Bad Brains, The Dead Milkmen, The Sex Pistols, Descendents, Hüsker Dü and...a little band named The Replacements...were on those tapes. ... The music, the method, the madness...all of it made sense to my sixteen-year-old mind. Two years later, I started a band with my friends. Six years later, I left the band to graduate college. Six years later, my old band played with Green Day, The Offspring and NoFX. Turns out that I've got a little bit of the Westerberg 'take one step and miss the whole first rung' magic in me."
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