Saratoga Lanes in San Jose, CA
August 16, 1992
Other Acts:
North American Bison, Model Citizens, The Curbs
  • Rachel Frami: "Yes! I believe this was my first Sunnyvale Music Club show."
  • the_creeps: "And to think I saw them at a bowling alley in San Jose, CA. In 1992 with 50 other people. They grow up so fast!"
  • Sharkspeare: "I saw Green Day in the small back room of the Saratoga Lanes bowling alley about two weeks before Dookie was released. First time I broke my nose in the pit."
  • Silicon Valley Business Journal: "The last location hosted a PBA Bowling Tour event back in 1961. It tried to change with the times, hosting a Green Day concert in 1992. Today, all three centers are gone."
  • Michael Hansen: "Green Day did a show at the Saratoga Lanes Bowling Alley, in my neighborhood. I could have recorded the show, but it was before major label signing, so nobody was keeping a track. After "Dookie" everybody went crazy."
  • Jim Bennett: "Who is on drums, its not Al, or Tre [Tre indeed played drums with Green Day at this show], was BJA playing with one of the other bands when this photo was taken? I was at this show but don't remember this at all. Then again..."
  • rewakarchives: "Saw Green Day play at a bowling alley called Saratoga Lanes on August 16th of '92 (I believe). They were on their KERPLUNK! tour and played in one of those weird rooms that they typically use for birthday parties. I remember there was a lot of chatter that night about Green Day being in talks with a major label for their next release. Rancid had just signed to Epitaph (which was huge at the time) and there was definitely a feeling that things were about to pop off."
  • Sunnyvale Music Club: "Good Guy Green Day. North American Bison and Model Citizen crashed their RV earlier in the day, Green Day (and openers The Curbs) only took $60 from the door, instead of the $350 or $400 they were 'entitled' to. Not signed in blood, that's probably Pepsi. I like how it appears to have blood stains on it! I love this, wow. Do you remember how mad Billie Joe was at first about not getting money? Mike had to convince him we were not scamming them. Can you imagine being in an RV with amps, rolling?"
Photos from San Jose, CA
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