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DV8 in Salt Lake City, UT
April 02, 1994
Other Acts:
  • Mike Dirnt: "Last night we played in Salt Lake City. Thought it was really cool that MCA from the Beastie Boys showed up. He liked the show. But that show got kinda out of hand because kids were jumping off this balcony that was as high as this roof onto the crowd. I don't mind stage diving, just as long as people are courteous of others. If there's 5 or 10 people standing around and they're not packed together and a guy just jumps on them and lands all of his weight on one guy's neck, that's wrong, or a girl's neck for that matter. I would say 60/40 the girls have taken the bulk of the landings on this tour. It's pretty brutal. Like 5" tall, 20 lb girls in the front catching these 200 lb dudes jumping out. And this guy who was jumping off the top was like 180 lbs. He jumped off twice and the second time he jumped off he knocked himself out. He was out cold. He was literally passed out. Everybody got out of the way, he hit the ground and they had to drag him outside. It was like, you're an idiot. ...If there's a fight, if something like that happens we stop. Actually we stopped when they found him. Because the guy was an idiot. I mean, you shouldn't jump from that high. And this crowd was spaced out too. It wasn't like completely packed."
  • Alex Wrekk: "...I can't imagine how many shows I went to at DV8. I remember seeing NOFX, Green Day, being amazed with Cinder Block‚Äôs vocals in Tilt upstairs and being dragged backstage during an Unwritten Law show..."
  • Shaunya Manus: "Mike [Dirnt], do you remember buying me a Tilt sticker in SLC back in 1994? My shirt said "Sellouts suck". I still owe ya a drink."
Photos from Salt Lake City, UT
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