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FZW in Dortmund, Germany
May 19, 1994
  • Stefan Moutty: "I went to Dortmund mostly out of boredom. Going to concerts was my favourite pastime as a fanzine publisher. 'Bloody Brain Explosion' - my fanzine - consisted of about 30 photocopied DIN-A-5 pages. Issues came out on an irregular basis - it sure wasn't quality journalism, I know. In fact, the fanzine served as one of the ways to feed the ego of its publisher. And it often earned me a spot on the guest list, including the gig on that Thursday 23 years ago. 'Bloody Brain Explosion' opened the doors to the backstage area. 'Can we do an interview with you?' were the golden words that got you in. It wasn't about the actual interview, though. Back then, the main goal was to just drink the band's beer - it was regarded as some kind of sport. But Tré Cool seemed to know my plans instinctively and threw out the door in a very rude fashion. Maybe he was just in a bad mood that day, but it seemed more like the usual rockstar arrogance to my past self. At the time, Green Day were often accused of 'selling out' - and it was a very, very touchy topic for them. I personally didn't care about punk ideals. But the fact that Green Day had included a refusal letter to a major label with one of their Lookout! releases and then went on to sign to Warner, was just embarrassing in my eyes. So, still somewhat mad at Tré's actions, I wanted make some mischief. That's why I chose such an explosive word. I shouted, "SELLOUT!" Suddenly, I had all of their attention. The band stopped in the middle of a song, just for me. But the singer was too indignant for a witty comeback. Billie Joe hurled toxic insults in my direction. I forgot what they were about exactly, but they weren't nice. My defense wasn't heard, because I couldn't outscream the crowd, who were all Green Day fans. Ehm, violence is no solution... The band kept playing, but clearly wasn't done with me, even though they had the last word. So they sent - in a stereotypical rockstar fashion - a roadie to deal with me. Violence is not an option... I thought that de-escalation was appropriate. But the roadie didn't beat me up. He chose a very unconventional method to get back at me. He reached into my pocket, took my key and threw across the street. I fixed my eyes on the key, followed it and finally reached the point where it had landed and picked it out of a flower bed. I've never seen Green Day live since then, and I hardly remember the music of that evening 23 years ago. What a pity: I've always liked Basket Case and I still turn the volume up when the song is on the radio. Sometimes I even catch myself grabbing into my pocket to hold my key tight."
Photos from Dortmund, Germany
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