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Dinwoodie Lounge, University Of Alberta in Edmonton, AB
July 09, 1994
Other Acts:
Pansy Division
  • DinkMagic: "My friend hit Mike Dirnt the bass player from Green Day in the face with a UB40 tape in 1994 at the Dinwoodie Lounge."
  • Mike Hideous: "This is very similar to when I saw them on the Dookie tour in '94. About 50 people wedged into a tiny shithole club at the University of Alberta. The following year they came back on the Insomniac tour."
  • Abe_Vigoda: "The third time they came through was right after they got big on MTV and they played at the university venue where the show was fucking packed full of frat boy dicks. They played with Pansy Division and I think Jughead's Revenge. Green Day totally sold out, but they did the punkest thing by saying they were going to sell out. You can't really hate on them for that. I hate that punk went corporate though. Even their documentary was sponsored by Hyundai. Punk back then was really fun. It was a community. Every city had it's own scene, but were all interconnected through bands touring and little labels putting out comps and albums. It was awesome, because it was full of people who migrated there naturally, because they could relate to the people there and didn't really want to hang out with all the jerks. After Green Day blew up, and Nirvana took off, the scene got filled with all the people we hated. It was funny. We all joked we were going to start wearing suits because our fashion style got jacked. The one thing I really like about Green Day is that they sound just as good live as they do on tape. A lot of bands suck live and have to be fixed in the studio or through the mix. You can run them through a shitty PA and they'll still sound good."
Photos from Edmonton, AB
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