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The Palladium in Hollywood, CA
November 03, 1994
Other Acts:
The Muffs
  • Gillian G. Gaar, 'Green Day: Rebels With A Cause': "Due to his friendship with the band, Yee 'would just hang out until I would see them arriving for a show and they would just get me in - that was the strategy. But as they got more popular, that got harder and harder. At one particular show, me and my friend Kevin went down in LA, at the Hollywood Palladium with The Muffs. I decided just on a whim to go down there, check it out. We were trying to sneak our way in, as usual. But we couldn't get in. At one point I had to go to the store to go get a sandwich because I was starving. And Kevin stayed in the car, and they went in, Kevin didn't see them, and we didn't get in. So I was like, screw this. I'm just going to go and buy a ticket. 'But Kevin was like, 'No, hold on a second. There's Mike D, from The Beastie Boys.' I'm like, 'Who? Who's that?' I was totally oblivious to stuff like that. But Kevin walks right up to Mike D and he's like, 'Hey, Mike!' Mike D kind of looks at him like, 'Do I know this guy?' Kevin said, 'Mike, if you go inside, tell Billie Joe that Eric Yee and Kevin are outside and they can't get in, and they came all the way down from the Bay Area.' Mike D goes, 'Eric and Kevin. I'm going to tell them.' I was like, 'You gotta be kidding me, that guy isn't gonna do shit for us.' So I bought a ticket, then we went in. Green Day had just played their first song when I got in, and Billie Joe said, 'Hey, is Eric Yee here?' I'm like, oh shit, I can't believe it, like Mike D told him! Billie Joe goes, 'Eric, raise your hand!' He had the crowd chanting my name, which was one of the coolest things ever. That's the first and last time that's ever going to happen. So we hooked up with him and then he got us into the show the next night."
Photos from Hollywood, CA
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