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Seattle Center Arena in Seattle, WA
October 17, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • Incomplete setlist
  • "CALLING ALL FANS: HELP! After Seattle show, some kids snuck back stage and stole Billie's black shirt and tie that he has had for five years. If anyone out there has any info about the stolen items, please tell us! Billie misses his shirt and tie."
  • Sid Spencer: "I remember going to see Seattle Opera's wonderful production of 'Madama Butterfly' there in 2001, and chuckling to myself about how I'd seen Green Day and the Riverdales put on a very different great show in the exact same spot in 1995."
  • John Goar: "...The first time I saw Green Day is when they played an arena in Seattle in 1995. Someone threw a shoe at Billie Joe and he got pissed off and cut the set short..."
  • Seattle Times: "Green Day and the Riverdales, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Seattle Center Arena; $15; 628-0888. Green Day has revitalized rock more than any other band over the last couple of years. It's the best of the many post-Nirvana pop-punk bands - such as Offspring, Bush, Everclear and Silverchair - mostly because of its clever songwriting, but also because of the fun way it captures teenage energy and angst. Green Day brought a much-needed boost of goofy manic energy onto the scene just when it was needed - following the shock and despair that came with the suicide of Kurt Cobain. The band had already gotten some national attention before Cobain's death, with the song Longview, an ode to boredom and masturbation, from its debut major-label album, Dookie. But it wasn't until the second single, Basket Case, a burningly intense song about going nuts, and its funny, insane asylum-set video, that the band rocketed to stardom. "Dookie" has now been on the Billboard album chart for a year and a half and sold 8 million copies. Sure to score high in next week's chart - possibly even debuting at No. 1 - is Insomniac, Green Day's new album, which has already yielded yet another wacko rocking hit, "Geek Stink Breath". The album, and especially the single, demonstrate that commercial success and incipient maturity - all have become adults and two members of the trio have married and had children since "Dookie" - have not altered Green Day's youthful, bratty, in-your-face intensity. The Riverdales is similar to Green Day in that it is a three-man pop-punk band, on the Lookout label (Armstrong helped mix the album). It is even more intense than Green Day, with fast, tight songs reminiscent of the Ramones."
Photos from Seattle, WA
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1. Armatage Shanks
2. Brat
3. Welcome to Paradise
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. Chump
6. Longview
7. Stuck With Me
8. Basket Case
9. 86
10. Dominated Love Slave
11. Jaded
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