The band sat down for a Q&A with Billboard. Again, another great interview that you should all take some time to read. It's nice to see straight up Q&A's so we can read a bit more straight from the guys. They talk about the general story of the new album, Foxboro Hot Tubs, inspirations for the new album, if they plan on continuing the rock operas, and the closest the band has ever been to breaking up. We actually get this question quite a bit, and it always comes up with a new album, "Is this Green Day's last album?". Rest assured, that it is not. Billie Joe replied with, "But quitting? Nah. Nobody leaves this band unless it's in a coffin".

The Wall Street Journal has written that the shows filmed last month at the Uptown Night Club will be carried on MySpace, while a show at the Fox Theater is to be presented as a video-on-demand offering to Comcast cable subscribers.

German show "TV Total" says the band will be performing Know Your Enemy this Wednesday the 6th. We know the band will be playing in Germany on the 7th and 9th, so it's plausible they'll be stopping by. Hopefully someone will record it and send it our way.

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