As Andres said in his post last night, I am Jimmy and will be helping Andres out with news updates and such. To start off I would like to thank everyone who gave me a nice warm welcome in the comments. I am extremely excited and glad to be helping out here at GDA now, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andres and Courtney for giving me the chance to work here! OK so let’s get down to business now....

Last night Green Day came in with a bang in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to those who were at the show it was a total blast. The set list last night was extremely similar to the night before so we can expect to see those songs being played throughout the tour.

[+] Now that the show is over photos should be coming in very shortly and we will be placing them into this album over in the Picture Vault.

[+] Over on YouTube a lot of videos from last night have been popping up. One member in particular, backpackdave09 has a ton of videos up from last night for your viewing pleasure!

[+] A few sites have posted up reviews of last nights show and Green Day gave them noting to really complain about!, and

Also, now you can win a copy of Bullet in a Bible on Blu-Ray thanks to To enter all you have to do is answer a question correct and then you are entered for a chance to win. For all the information head on over to this page.

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