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With the debut of "Oh Love," the first single off of Green Day's forthcoming ¡Uno! only a few hours away, iTunes has begun updating their stores across the globe. It was brought to our attention in a discussion about the trilogy on our forum that a deluxe version of ¡Uno! is already up for preorder on the German iTunes store.

What we found most interesting about this deluxe edition is that four music videos are included in the download, "Oh Love," "Let Yourself Go," "Kill The DJ," and "Stay The Night." The release date of the deluxe edition of the album is set to September 21st, the same day the normal version comes out in Germany.

This means that we can possibly expect four new music videos from the band before ¡Uno! is even released. It's hard to say right now if these will all be full fledged music videos. Hopefully we will be getting more news about these videos tomorrow as the deluxe version of ¡Uno! shows up in other iTunes stores.

If you live in Europe, or anywhere around the globe where it's already past midnight, chances are you can already preorder ¡Uno! over on iTunes.

Be sure to come back at 6am PT or 9am ET tomorrow morning to hear the premiere of "Oh Love."

Thanks to GuitarPunk94 for posting this piece of news on our forum.
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