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By Courtney /May. 21, 2002 / Comments
Check out the funny picture of Tre! If you ask me, pink is his color. :) It's from Also posted is a new intro to that website. Obviously if you go to it you will see it though. I made some changes to the site with the help of Darren. The top gets different banners when you reload. I'm also thinking about putting up a forum. Green Day News Online is now Green Day Archive (GDA) and is located here. Check it out. I probably won't be updating tomorrow, for it is the long awaited May 23rd. YEAH BABY I'M GOIN' TO SEE GREEN DAY! Wait a min...IT IS MAY 23rd NOW! IT'S 1:03AM. WOO HOOO!!!! Sorry I'm a little hyper. I was this way last year too when I went to see them. But this time I'll think of you guys when I'm there. And I'll try to get pictures, unless they find my camera I'm going to try to sneak in. :P
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