"Oh Love" video
Last night, Playboy debuted the uncut, or as many refer to it, R-rated, version of Green Day's "Oh Love" music video. The video has a slightly different theme to it than the original as it shows more shots of the band just hanging out, drinking, smoking, and having fun. Of course, it's uncut/R-rated so there is some nudity. If you're offended by it, consider this your warning... :)

We've known about the uncut version for some time now as Billie tweeted about it back on August 10th so it's nice to finally have it.

Billie's tweet:
"Hello friends. The video premier for "Oh Love" will be this Wednesday! PG and an rated R version! My personal fav is the rated R..."

The video can be viewed on Playboy's website by clicking here. It'll prompt asking if you're over 18 years of age. If you really want to see the video and you're under 18, you'll just have to lie.

In my opinion, this version of the video is much better than the original due to the way it was edited together. The shots of the band hanging out and having fun is much more appealing than shots switching back and fourth between them performing and slutty girls touching themselves and looking at the camera with promiscuous faces.
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