Billie Joe with Christina Aguilera
It's been quite some time since we first heard that Billie Joe was going to be a mentor on this coming season of The Voice, but now the wait is finally over. After the "blind auditions" came to a close last week the show has now moved on to the "battle rounds" where Billie Joe's role comes into the show.

Billie Joe is a mentor on Christina Aguilera's team meaning that he will be helping the contestants on team Christina get ready for their battles. Billie will also be helping Christina when she "steals" an contestant from another team. Here's a brief overview of what Billie will be doing on the show.

NBC also conducted a brief interview with Billie Joe talking about his time on The Voice and about Green Day's trilogy of albums.

Yesterday, reported that Billie Joe would be on these upcoming episodes of the show:

Oct. 8 - Air 310 - Battle #1 (2 hrs) (8P-10P)
Oct. 9 - Air 311 - Battle #2 (1 hr) (8P-9P)
Oct. 15 - Air 312 - Battle #3 (2 hrs) (8P-10P)
Oct. 16 - Air 313 - Battle #4 (1 hr) (8P-9P)
Oct. 22 - Air 314 - Battle #5 (1 hr) (8P-9P)
Oct. 23 - Air 315 - Battle #6 (1 hr) (8P-9P)

Tune into NBC tonight at 8pm and watch the show with us.

Thanks to our friends at Green Day Eulogy for the news.
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