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Just a few days after the release of ¡Dos!, some major music outlets are already posting their reviews.

Alternative Press - (4 stars):

One shocker in this review: "Wild One" is compared to Coldplay's "Yellow"...just go read it.

Rolling Stone - (3.5 stars):

They make an interesting statement about ¡Dos!: "At times, it's just as election year urgent as American Idiot"

NME - (6/10)

Not sure how I feel about this one. They take a look at both ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!, but focus on the meaning of Billie Joe's "trip to rehab."

AllMusic - (4 stars)

This one, again, details the "hedonistic" feel to this album, keeping in mind Billie Joe's recent story. Ugh.

Fender - (Album of the month!)

This is a really nice review. They give thoughts on almost every song, and end with this: "Turns out you can be a ginormous, world-famous rock band and still make tight, focused, satisfying records. No imploding, boys! We need you." Aww.

Thanks to Edgar Cervantes and Nicholas Leung for sending in parts of this news.
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