Mike Dirnt
It looks as if WBER, a student-run community radio station out of New York, will be interviewing Mike Dirnt this evening live on the air.

This will be not only Mike's, but a member of the band's first public interview since Mike spoke with Zane Lowe back on October 8th, following the iHeartRadio incident.

With the recent re-scheduled tour announcement and the band starting to prepare for that tour (and hopefully some TV appearances), it'll be interesting to hear what Mike has to say about the last couple months and the band's outlook on the new year.

Luckily, WBER has an online stream that people from around the world can tune in to. To do so, click this link and a .m3u file will download that can be opened in an audio player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

If you cannot listen this evening, we will be recording it and will get it up as soon as possible.

The DJ who is conducting the interview says in a Facebook post to tune in around 5pm EST to hear the interview.

Thanks to @__starrynights on Twitter for the news
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