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Todd Media & Content Editor
Todd joined the GDA team in early 2016 to help with the music and tour sections.
Tony Contributor
Tony joined the team in January 2011. Tony has been a Green Day fan since 1994 and "got hooked" after seeing them live for the first time in 1998. His claim to Green Day fame is singing American Idiot too early on Bullet In A Bible! He's been visiting GDA since 2004. Through the site and its forum, he's proud to have made some great fellow fan friends around the world. Amen.
Ham Pascale joined the GDA team in early 2016 to help with the music and tour sections.
Andres Owner, Admin
  • Andres has been a Green Day fan since 2000 and became co-owner of GDA in 2004. Since then he's become the one in charge of the day to day work on the site - working on news, new pages, projects, keeping the servers online, running the forum and he also hosts the GDA podcast 'Static Noise'. Follow him on Twitter for his random thoughts on Green Day, technology, politics, or some other dumb ideas.
    J'net Owner, Business Manager
  • J'net joined the team in 2008 to help with whatever needed to be worked on, more specifically the new album section. In 2009 she became a co-owner of the site and took on the title of business manager. In that role she's in charge of managing the business side of GDA, income and expenses, and coming up with ideas to reach our goals.
    Matt Developer, News Editor
  • Matt first became a fan of Green Day in 2005 and started checking out GDA in that same year. In 2010, Matt was hired onto the team to help develop the site and to write news. Since 2010, Matt has represented GDA at a few Green Day shows and fan-gathering events across the United States.
    Jack News Editor
  • Jack has been following Green Day since "American Idiot" came out in 2004. A visitor to GDA since 2009, Jack joined the team in March of 2012 to help out with news. He enjoys playing guitar, and he eats/sleeps/breathes music! Jack has seen Green Day live only once (Omaha, Nebraska is NOT the best place to be for Green Day-related action). He loves meeting new people through GDA and GDC, and hopes to continue talking with Green Day fans from around the world!
    Lone Forum Administrator
  • Lone joined the GDA team in 2005 as a chat moderator and is currently our forum administrator. She helps manage the forum and chat teams and works on various projects around GDA.
  • BeachBum is a forum moderator and manages GDA's photo vault.
    Liam News & Media Editor
  • Liam joined the GDC moderating team at the end of 2011 to take over the downloads forum. He was promoted to forum mod in early 2012 to help out all around the forum. He joined the GDA staff in 2013 to help manage the tour and download sections including Download of The Week. Reigning from the land down under known as Australia, he has only had the chance to see Green Day live twice, two nights in a row.
    Alissa News Editor
    Alissa joined GDA in July 2015 as a news editor.
    Courtney Founder
    Courtney founded the original GDA in 2001.
    The Green Day Community Team
    We have a number of individuals who help us run our forum, The Green Day Community. You can find a list of those people on this page.
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    October 2016
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    Happening this month:
    Oct 03:
    Warning was release 16 years ago today!
    Oct 10:
    Insomniac was released 21 years ago
    Oct 11:
    Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 25 today.
    Oct 14:
    nimrod. was released 19 years ago.
    Oct 31:
    Happy Halloween!