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Happy Thanksgiving!
Green Day has begun their quest to save the planet with the new site they put up in collaboration with the NRDC. Visit The site has information about how each of us can help out to protect the enviroment as well as a video ... read story
The good news, The Saints Are Coming was finally put up on iTunes; the bad news, it's not the studio version - it's the live one from the Superdome. However, if you haven't bought it yet, get on iTunes now by clicking here. Lets bring it up ... read story
Billie Joe and Adrienne did a photoshoot for an upcoming edition of the magazine 'Punk Rock Confidential' for Adeline Street. Written on the back of them is "Make Love, Not War."You can view it in our Picture Vault by clicking here. Forum ... read story
It's finally been confirmed that Green Day's first two albums, 1039 Smooth & Kerplunk will be re-released on the bands current label, Reprise. The CDs will be out for purchase on December 19th, and as far as we know the 1039/Smooth CD will ... read story
The Saints Are Coming has started getting some good recognition across the globe. Though the song isn't out in the United States yet, it is the number 1 song on iTunes in 13 other countries including the UK, Japan, Greece, and Portugal to ... read story
The video for The Saints Are Coming has been released and debuted on MTV's TRL a couple days ago. You can visit the TRL Homepage and vote for the video. (It's placed under "U2" not Green Day. assholes.)We have rebuilt and re-organized the ... read story
Written by Angeline. The interview's around the time of Insomniac. The guys are slouched up against a bathroom wall - how many photoshoots over the years, new look for every era, putting a mark on time, putting a mark on your skin, ... read story
Happy Halloween everyone!pumpkin by kelseyVisit the forum for the Halloween Thread, and the Pumpkin Carving Contest. We'd love to see any Green Day carved pumpkins. Send them to and we'll post them all up for ... read story
You can now watch the entire video for The Saints Are Coming on We know that player doesn't work for everyone, so we've put the video in the GDA Player (under GDA's Picks).Billie Joe's label, Adeline Records, is looking for people ... read story
There is new book coming out November 7th called "Nobody Likes You: Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day" written by author Marc Spitz. You can get more information about the book in our new Green Day Books section. If ... read story
We got word in today that the new Green Day / NRDC site (that we first mentioned back in June) will be launching in a couple weeks. So keep an eye out for that.We will be launching a new media download section on our forum in a couple days ... read story
Gibson has put up part 2 of their interview with Billie Joe about his new signature guitar series. We've put up Green Day playing The Judges Daughter from Pinole High School (1990) in the video downloads. Idiot Club members can get a small ... read story
There is a new DVD out called "Green Day's Kerplunk" that claims to be a "critical review of Green Day" that "deals frankly with the failures as well as the successes of the band" and is the "most unforgiving documentary yet recorded."Thats ... read story
The Biography channel in the UK will be airing a bio on Green Day October 25th at 9:30PM. We are waiting for a reply from the channel to see if there will be any airings outside the UK ... read story
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