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1039 / KerplunkIt's finally been confirmed that Green Day's first two albums, 1039 Smooth & Kerplunk will be re-released on the bands current label, Reprise. The CDs will be out for purchase on December 19th, and as far as we know the 1039/Smooth CD will be the remastered version that Lookout! released in early 2004.

The Saints Are ComingThe Saints Are Coming made it up to #6 in the UK's Top 40 and according to NME, the song has already reached platinum status. We got word in that the song should be released by next week on iTunes. We'll be sure to give you a link when it does come out.

I'd like to thank all of you who have donated so far. We're just about 40% short of our goal.

For any of you interested in helping write the Green Day Bio for GDA, read this.
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