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Mike during the recording of the trilogy
ESPN has a great interview up with Mike Dirnt talking about the upcoming premiere of their documentary ¡Cuatro!. They cover a lot of ground, and it's the first 'in-depth' interview we've had from any band members since their break last September. Here's a couple of my favorite quotes

"What may surprise some fans in the documentary?
We've been a closed book for a long time. A lot of our fans, even as much as they know us, they don't really know us. It's a funny thing. But we always needed a certain "church and state" [separation] as far as our private lives go.
So you see a bit of that in there, but you see a lot of our process. You can really see how much work goes into these records. And how ugly we are when we're writing records."

"Green Day recently made touring guitarist Jason White part of the band. Has that affected the band in any way?
He's been with us for so long. He's kind of our Ronnie Wood; he's got a good sensibility. He plays like us as far as his picking style. He's a good musician. When we ask him an opinion, it's educated but it's arbitrary."

"Billie Joe went to rehab recently. How is he doing?
He's doing great. We're all getting our heads straight. Everything is ready to go. We're laying out plans and we're ready to take off and make up some of these shows and really get close and personal to our fans again."

Go read the full interview over on ESPN.

Thanks to AndrewW91 for posting this on the forum and @GDLoT for sharing it via twitter
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