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Part of one of the lyric sheets
A couple months ago, after some frame-by-frame snooping in the version of ¡Cuatro! shown on VH1, I was able to come up with 48 images of the handwritten lyric sheets that Billie Joe wrote for trilogy songs.

Somewhere around the 20-minute mark in the documentary, there was a scene where a ton of handwritten sheets were flashed across the screen (for a fraction of a second each). I found ¡Cuatro! on the internet, slowed it to frame-by-frame and took screenshots of all the sheets. I sorted through them, took out duplicates, and cropped/edited some of them to make them easier to see and read. Though it seems like it for some, I didn't cut anything off of the images...the full sheets weren't flashed on the screen, only fragments of sheets. So only sections of the song are shown in some cases. And yes, some are bad quality, but it's the best I can do until we get the HQ DVD version of the movie.

In all, I found lyric sheets or song arrangement sheets for 21 of the trilogy songs. I also found evidence of some songs that we'd maybe heard a little about/were played at secret shows, but didn't end up on any of the albums. These are "State Of Shock," "Gabriella" (which does have some different lyrics than "Amanda"). I also found some totally new, unmentioned, and unfamiliar songs: "Hard Times," "Can't Believe My Own Eyes," "I'm Alright," "Life Is So Plain," and "Satellite," each mentioned on arrangement boards for the albums. The images of the song boards with those "new" ones are in the "Misc." section.

For "Gabriella" and "State Of Shock," I ended up with a whole bunch of fragment images of the original lyric sheet. So, I pieced the lyrics together from those into full lyrics for the two songs. Click the titles in the last sentence to view those .png files.

The most interesting bits in these images are all of the changed lyrics...songs like "Wild One," "X-Kid," and "Troublemaker" (among a handful of others) had alternate lyrics. "Dirty Rotten Bastards" even has two whole extra verses that never saw the light of day. There were even a few alternate song titles. For example, "Oh Love" used to be named "Life and Love." Also, a funny note: throughout all these lyric sheets that were flashed up on the screen for just a short time each, someone went through and blurred out all the cuss words, because the movie originally appeared on network TV. I found that pretty hilarious.

Everything I mentioned can be found in the "¡Cuatro! Goodies" album that you see a preview of below. There aren't titles for the images, but you should be able to read the lyrics and figure out which song is in which image fairly easily. There are multiple images for most of the songs, showing different areas of the lyric sheet. If you don't look at anything else, make sure you find the "Dirty Rotten Bastards" images! TWO new verses!

View all 48 images from this album

I hope everyone finds these interesting! Just the fact that these mark first time that each song idea ever saw the light of day is really amazing to me. If these (and the new trailer for the X-Games screening) don't get you excited for the full-length version of ¡Cuatro!, I don't know what will!
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