Dookie celebrates it's 20th anniversary
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dookie, this weeks download of the week featured 3 different Dookie related downloads.

Dookie Demos, Re-recordings, & Unreleased songs: 18 Tracks - 46mb MP3
The first download is a selection of Dookie demos taken from 3 different demo tapes from back in 1993. It also includes the re-recording of "409 In Your Coffeemaker" and the original recording of "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" both from the Dookie Sessions.

Dookie live at Reading Festival: 14 Tracks - 75mb MP3
Our next download is Dookie performed in it's entirety (minus "All By Myself") at Reading Festival back in 2013. This soundboard recording also included a few exerts from other songs but were cut out to make the full album run in full without any interruptions.

Jaded In Chicago: 16 Tracks - 122mb MP3
Our final download is the second most famous show from the Dookie tour, right after Woodstock. The show was recorded at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on November 18th, 1994 and is commonly known as "Jaded In Chicago" or "Spitting". Also included in this download in "Geek Stink Breath" from the soundcheck but not played during the show.
Our forum is holding a writing contest. We want you to write lyrics or poems with no more than 4 stanzas. Get inspired by EITHER every rose has its thorn (not to be confused with the song) OR something close to the heart. The winner ... read story
If the video above doesn't load, you can download a copy of it here. Photos [photos=date,2014-01-26 ... read story
SJC Drums have posted this video of the Tre Cool drum kit they recently debuted at NAMM, where Tre stopped by to sign autographs (here's a photo from SJC Drums). They've announced that only 13 kits are being made in total. From ... read story
Short video below of Miranda Lambert talking about her upcoming performance with Billie Joe at the Grammy Awards tomorrow night. Thanks to desertrose for posting this on the forum ... read story
Last night, Adeline Records announced a pre-order for a repressing of Green Day's 2000 album Warning on Coke bottle vinyl. Adeline is now taking pre-orders for $16 and have a limited quantity of 500 pressings. Orders are expected to ship ... read story
This week at NAMM 2014, Gibson showed off a modified version of their classic ES-137 model guitar. With the help of Billie Joe, Gibson retrofitted the guitar with Memphis P90 pick-ups, two volume nobs, and a rotary pick-up selector. The ... read story
Late last night it was announced that Billie Joe will be performing along side country artist Miranda Lambert at this Sunday's Grammy Awards. According to, the duo will be part of a segment to honor the late Phil Everly of the ... read story
Taking a queue from an image posted on Getty Images, it appears as though Billie Joe will be performing along side country artist Miranda Lambert this Sunday at the Grammys. Other than the image of the two rehearsing, we do not know ... read story
Earlier today, SJC Custom Drums released a picture of the custom kit they have been working on with Tre Cool. As the photograph says, the kit will be limited edition and each will be hand signed by Tre. At the beginning of the ... read story
Idiot Nation is currently taking entries for a giveaway of Broadway Idiot, the documentary about Billie Joe's run through the American Idiot Musical. The official fan club has five physical DVD copies and 10 digital copies to give away ... read story
Mike just posted this photo on his Instagram with the following caption: Been jamming with these guys lately! #yep! Just a little something to get you guys excited ahead of Green Day's tour dates in Australia as part of Soundwave ... read story
We have just put up for auction an autographed 21st Century Breakdown Limited Edition booklet, autographed by Billie Joe, Mike and Tre. The Limited Edition booklet was sold through Best Buy during 21CB's release and included the CD ... read story
Idiot Nation members got a new t-shirt, designed by another fan and picked by Green Day. Idiot Nation has posted some photos of the behind the scenes process of how these shirts are printed. Visit to check out the ... read story
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