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By MattD /Dec. 28, 2002 / Comments
Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Courtney is having power problems due to all the snow on Christmas...13 inches! Check out Billie Joe's new audio message in remembrance of Joe Strummer from The Clash who unfortunately died recently. He was 50. On another note, WE WON THE 2002 XFS Challenge. Anywho, I plan to edit Band Of The Month soon so send in your suggestions!
Green Day have started work on their first studio album since 2000's 'Warning'. According to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, the Berkeley trio aren't feeling any pressure to replicate their past success. Says Armstrong "I have a theory that ... read story
Billie Joe proves that Green Day have a very serious side today on his audio message he left on He explains that he wants to setup a petition on for those of us who are against of the U.S. war against Iraq. So if ... read story
Hey everyone. Nothing much new here. My friend Barbara and I recently listened to 3 of the audio messages posted on which have new songs. You can download these songs from the Multimedia Page. These songs are (click to download ... read story
Mike finally updated his audio message Head over there to listen to it. And last, on the UPN series Haunted, Billie Joe Armstrong will be making a guest appearance on November 5th. Check your local TV listings for showtimes. ... read story
I know it's been a week since I've updated, but I'm sorry and I've been busy. Actually I have updated, I just didn't bother to announce it. Anyway. Tre is in some of the commercials for the upcoming Jackass movies (he was at the premiere ... read story
Hey all. Tre updated his audio message today at Beware: If your parents don't like you listening to people curse online, don't listen to this when they are in the room. Speaking of Tre, I got some e-mails about the picture of ... read story
Billie Joe left an audio message at letting us know that Mike is recovering from wrist surgery due to Carpell Tunnel Syndrome. Billie reports that Mike is going to be fine. If you can't listen to the audio message, read about ... read story
No updates, but I do have some new releases for you from Green Day. First is a new import called Take 2, which can be found at CDNow for the expensive price of $27.99. The other is a brand new DVD/VHS video, and that is going to be ... read story
An interview with Billie Joe about Adeline Records was in Punk Planet this month, here are the pages: 1 :: 2 :: 3. Thanks to for them. GDA won the GDXFS Challenge this month again, making GDA a 4 time champ. Thanks everyone ... read story
2 of Green Day's videos were eligble for nomination for a MTV VMA Award? Yep, "Stuck with Me" and "Waiting" were both VMA material for the Rock catagory. To check out the complete list, click here ... read story
Green Day won the Battle of the Bands 2002. Great job guys, I knew you could do it! More details at KRock ... read story
Billie Joe was injured on Friday, August 24 after having cut his head on a surfboard while on vaction at Newport Beach with his family. No need to worry though, sources say that he is fine. Read the newspaper article here. Sorry for lack of ... read story
Figures. I leave for vacation, and D.U.I. suddenly emerges. Well I'm sure you all already have downloaded and heard it from all the other better Green Day websites like and Green Day > UK (just to name a few), but it's now GDA ... read story
If you missed that BBC Interview, you can read a transcript of it at BBC's Website. The following pages have been updated: Fan Art, The Fan List, Collector's Corner, Links, GDA's Awards, Song Meanings, and Didja Know?. We also have a new ... read story
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