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Tre Audio update

By Courtney /Sep. 30, 2002 / Comments
Hey all. Tre updated his audio message today at Greenday.com. Beware: If your parents don't like you listening to people curse online, don't listen to this when they are in the room. Speaking of Tre, I got some e-mails about the picture of him and his wife being an "x". That link has been fixed (it was in the Picture Vault). Thank you to the people that e-mailed me. The Fan List has finally been updated. Also you may have noticed a little change in the GDA Team. Darren and Danny have both decided to leave, both wanting to spend more time on other projects. Matt (Co-Webmaster) and Ralph (GDA Tabber) have joined the team, and I might be looking into one more person. Matt will be taking over Band of the Month, which has been updated for October. Speaking of October, GDA won the XFS Challenge of the Month. Sorry you guys didn't get to vote, it started early and I didn't know about it! We did beat Green Day Archive UK by a few votes though. Thanks to everyone that did vote!
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