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The LA Times has an interview with The Offspring lead singer, Dexter Holland. They talk to him about the pressure of trying to out-do themselves, and mention how that bar was set higher with Green Day coming out 10 years after Dookie to make another album that took off.
Then there's the pressure from "American Idiot." Green Day, rising above their dookie past, delivered a career masterpiece in 2004 with a concept album that sold 5-million copies, won rave reviews and even earned them a Grammy trophy for record of the year. Don't think Holland didn't notice. "I would not mention those two words to him," one of his hangar buddies says, " 'American' and 'Idiot.' I think he's heard them enough."

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What do you guys think? What does it take for an artist to be able to make an album that takes them out of the shadow of their first major hit? And how you do guys think Green Day looks at that same pressure of out-doing themselves with their follow up to American Idiot. Leave some comments.
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