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After about 2 years of staying quiet, we've updated the Extra Media Section. We've added a way for people to listen to the audio there directly from the page, and we've made some more of the songs available for download that were previously disabled.

Please take some time and help us out by leaving your feedback in the comments. We're also trying to work out a bug that is affecting some users, and we ask you to read this page on the forum and leave your input there as well.

For some 'music business' news, in an interview posted on, KISS bassist Gene Simmons said that he blames bands like Radiohead and Foxboro Hot Tubs for the demise of the record industry for releasing their music to fans for free. What kind of bullshit is that? Bands give a little extra to their fans and then they're the ones responsible for the demise of a record industry that has been screwing-over the fans for as long as they could. Feel free to read the rest of that article here, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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