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Tuesday June 9: Green Day performed on KROQ's Kevin and Bean show, the audio can be streamed here. If you have trouble with that audio, you can download it here.

Also on Tuesday, Pinhead Gunpowder's Greatest Hits CD is announced as "Kick Over the Traces" which will be released June 23 and can be ordered through Amazon.com or Interpunk.

Wednesday June 10: Green Day's recording on Last Call with Carson Daly airs, with the first show dedicated to Green Day. The performances were aired each night through Friday. The website The Audio Perv recorded the performances:
Tuesday: Interview & Know Your Enemy
Wednesday: 21 Guns
Thursday: Murder City and 21st Century Breakdown
Friday: Foxboro Hot Tubs performed Stop Drop and Roll!!! and Mother Mary

Thursday June 11: MySpace posts video from Green Day's show for "The List" which took place late May in New York.

Friday June 12: MTV.com finally confirms that Green Day will be coming to Rock Band. The download pack, which will be available on Xbox Live and Playstation Network, will be released on July 7 and include 3 Green Day songs from the new album.

GDA started it's Wallpaper Contest on Friday. Two winners of the graphic design contest will recieve a 21st Century Breakdown poster OR a "Heart Like A Hand Grenade" poster.
Holy shit. I just finished watching The Foxboro Hot Tubs on Last Call with Carson Daly. What a freakin great performance. These guys definitely need to play more TV. For those of you who need to catch up, here's all the details about the ... read story
After a bit of dancing around the question by Harmonix (the company who makes Rock Band), and after Billie Joe mentioned that Green Day would be coming to Rock Band, MTV.com finally confirmed the news. 3 songs have been will be available ... read story
MySpace posted up videos from Green Day performance for "The List" in New York. They have up "21st Century Breakdown", "Know Your Enemy", "East Jesus Nowhere", "¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)", "The Static Age" and "21 Guns". For ... read story
I just finished watching Green Day on Last Call with Carson Daly. The whole show was dedicated to Green Day. They opened up giving a nice summary of the bands career, along with interviews with Rob Cavallo and Butch Vig. The second segment ... read story
Pinhead Gunpowder will be releasing a greatest hits CD titled "Kick Over The Traces" on June 23rd (my birthday, woo) through Recess Records. The album is available for pre-order now through Amazon.com.Interpunk has the album listed for June ... read story
KROQ posted Green Day's performance and interview with Kevin & Bean from last Friday's "Breakfast with Green Day". They play 6 songs, and talk with the band for 5-10 minutes after each song, and some fans get to ask some questions. It's a ... read story
Written by Angeline. I'm not at the beginning, I'm somewhere in the midst of it. Lines from the lyrics - Gloria's banners - come floating up. Words that I already love forever - words that inspire me, 'I am a nation without ... read story
We have a new GDA Editorial up titled "Once in a Lullaby" written by Angeline (user 'justcause' on the forum). She writes about the meaning of 21st Century Breakdown, it's relevance to the story line and reality, and Angeline really has a ... read story
Around the release of 21st Century Breakdown there was a lot of artwork and other types of promotion displayed around the world. A lot of this artwork was posted on Flickr, some of which you can find in this thread on the forum. There was ... read story
Green Day will be filming their next music video,"21 Guns", tomorrow in Los Angeles. They are working with director Marc Webb, who the band worked with on the music video for "Waiting". The video is expected for release later this month, ... read story
Mike Dirnt's new signature series shoes from MacBeth footwear are now available, you can find some pictures of the design on macbeth.com/dirnt. The shoes are supposed to be available for purchase from Journey's, but I can't find them on ... read story
Green Day recorded their appearance today for Last Call with Carson Daly in Los Angeles. They did an interview, then played Know Your Enemy, Murder City, East Jesus Nowhere, 21 Guns, Christian's Inferno, 21st Century Breakdown, The Static ... read story
Here's Green Day performing "Know Your Enemy" on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien ... read story
Green Day will be performing on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien tonight on NBC. The show usually starts at 10:35pm, but check your local listings. Tom Hanks is tonight's guest. The video should be available shortly after it airsLater ... read story
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