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Billie Joe and Norah Jones got together and performed 'Foreverly' last night at Bowery Electric in New York City. The duo released that tribute album in 2013 to the Everly Brothers.

Yahoo! News [url=]wrote about last[/url] night's show

[quote]Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and singer Norah Jones appeared in a rare concert together Wednesday night, playing songs they recorded for an album two years ago.

The concert wasn't widely announced and the two performed for about 200 fans in a cellar-like setting called the Bowery Electric in Manhattan. The hour-long performance included songs from their 2013 album, "Foreverly," a collection of songs inspired by "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us," an album released by The Everly Brothers in 1958.[/quote]

For more details, photos, videos from the show - [url=]read this topic on the Green Day Community[/url].

Here's a video of "Roving Gambler"


Adrienne [url=]posted this[/url] on Instagram shortly after the show

Thanks to Nick for sending this news in
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