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We're now accepting entries for the first part our "Lets Record a Sawng" project. We want drummers to send in their recordings of them playing 'Minority'. A few things:
- Must be mp3 file
- Upload to MegaUpload or Sendspace
- Must be submitted by March 16th
- Then visit the contest page and fill out the form

We will post up all the entries next Monday and let people to vote for them. Then next Wednesday we'll post up the winning entry, and start taking in entries for bass. We're doing drums first so that all the instruments following that will all be the same timing.

Pass the word around to your friends about this project so we can get in more recordings. We wanna hear from as many people as we can to get the best possible final thing.
Green posted up the official artwork for Heart Like a Hand Grenade by John Roecker, which will premiere in LA on March 25th. Click the image to view full size (it's huge, 3.0MB).They also posted this Join Director John Roecker for a ... read story
Over the next few weeks we're gonna try something we haven't done before. So it might be confusing and bit a messy, kinda like your first time having sex, but when we get it right, it'll be a grand time. We're gonna have our visitors record ... read story
We got in a handful of emails yesterday from people in various parts of the US saying their local radio stations said a new Green Day song, "Know Your Enemy" will be played on April 20th or 21st. Which suggests that it might be the first ... read story
The "Rock Candy" blog from the the Arkansas Times is reporting that Jeff Matika, musician from Little Rock, AK, is joining Green Day on the next tour. This is the only source we've heard from. I don't have time to get all private ... read story
NME has an interview with sixten, the artist who inspired the design of the new album cover. He addressed some criticism aimed at the design saying it looked similar to Bansky's work, and the cover of Blur's album "Think Tank". Click the ... read story
A hard hat signed by Green Day is up for auction on the Clothes Off Our Back charity auction site. The money raised will go to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Many of you will remember that Billie Joe, along with his family and Jason White, ... read story
Director John Roecker posted this status on Facebook a couple days ago excited about March 25th! Going to be a very Green Day. ConfirmedAnd yesterday the Idiot Club posted "If you live in the Los Angeles area, keep March 25th free."Without ... read story
We have a new editorial up written by Cheryl. She writes about the excitement the past couple weeks surrounding all the new information we've had about the next album. Take some time and read it here. You can read some of our previous ... read story
Sixten, the artist whose work inspired the design for Green Day's new album cover, posted up a blog about his original artwork to give people some more details about where it started, and said I love their passion, and just had to make a ... read story
The documentary ONE NINE NINE FOUR, which "documents the birth, growth, and explosion of punk rock in the 90's," will be released this year. We've been talking about this documentary for a while, which will include an interview with Billie ... read story
Below are the scans for the Rolling Stone article titled "Green Day Go Bigger on 'American Idiot' follow up". Referencing the Kinks and The Who, Billie sums up the new album with I love those songs. How do you take that '65-'66 vibe and ... read story
Rolling Stone will be hitting store shelves today, go pick up a copy of the magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover. The article "Green Day's New Epic" is one of the featured sections. We won't be posting the scans for this article right ... read story
SPIN magazine also previewed the six songs from the new album and posted their review online. More positive stuff being written - they describe the title track as "Green Day's most epic song yet". Most places that have heard the new songs ... read story
Happy 37th Birthday to Billie Joe Armstrong. Here's to a wonderful year coming up.   ... read story
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