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[pic=Billie Joe and his guitars]033014_bja-guitars.jpg[/pic]We are asking you, our visitors, to please help us update the site! We always try to continue to make the site better and we have not done a full update to our Equipment section in a few years.

We are calling upon those who are familiar with Green Day's equipment set-up, including guitars, amps, pedals, picks, microphones, etc. Take a look at our Equipment page - do you know of anything that can be added?

Please leave a comment below with what needs to be added and/or updated on the page, along with a source of your information.
[pic=Demolicious artwork]032014_demolicious.jpg[/pic]With the release of [url=]Demolicious[/url], Green Day's trilogy demos compilation, coming on Record Store Day (April 19th), we want ... read story
[pic=Punk Goes '90s, Vol. 2]020714_punkgoes.jpg[/pic]As we [url=]reported[/url] earlier this year, a cover of Green Day's "Good Riddance" will be included on the next installment of the Punk Goes ... read story
A third song has now been released from "These Paper Bullets" the musical Billie wrote 8 original songs for. We previously have heard "[url=]Follow You Around[/url]", "[url=http://www. ... read story
[pic=Foreverly]112113_foreverly.jpg[/pic]Last November, Billie Joe and popular singer-songwriter Norah Jones surprised us all when they announced they had teamed up to rerecord the Everly Brother's Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, a covers ... read story
Back in 1998, Billie Joe played an acoustic set of Green Day songs and various covers for KALX, a Berkeley radio station. Over the course of about 20 minutes, Billie Joe played eight Green Day songs and covers of Pinhead Gunpowder and ... read story
[pic=Butch Vig]032614_vig.jpg[/pic]Butch Vig, Green Day's producer on 21st Century Breakdown, has been [url= ... read story
[pic=Jason White]032614_jason.jpg[/pic]According to a [url=]report[/url] from Flavor Pill, a band by the name of California, which features a member of Green ... read story
[url=][pic=Waiting available on two new vinyl colors]032514_waiting.jpg[/pic][/url]Adeline Records has [url= ... read story
[pic=Tying music and art together]032214_Green-Day-Art-of-Rock.jpg[/pic]An [url=]article in Forbes[/url] has highlighted the ... read story
[pic=American Idiot Politics]032214_harvard_americanidiot.jpg[/pic]The Harvard Political Review [url=]has released an article[/url] on Green Day's " ... read story
[pic="Holiday" picture disc]032314_rsz__12-2.jpg[/pic]Back in 2004 and 2005, Green Day released a slew of singles from the ├╝ber-successful American Idiot album. Some of these included "American Idiot," "Wake Me Up When September Ends," " ... read story
[pic=American Idiot musical tour to end this May]032214_musical.jpg[/pic]Last month a local station in Rochester, NY [url= ... read story has posted these two photos from the upcoming movie "Like Sunday, Like Rain", which Billie Joe will be acting in. He's playing the boyfriend of the main character Eleanor (played by Leighton Meester, seen below). The film is ... read story
[url=][pic=A full poster version of the artwork]032214_dookie-poster-fuller.jpg[/pic][/url]Dookie's artwork has become iconic as the face of Green Day's best-selling album ... read story
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