A full poster version of the artwork
Dookie's artwork has become iconic as the face of Green Day's best-selling album showcasing a humurous group of illustrations done by bay area artist Richie Bucher. Portland, Oregan newspaper Willamette Week sat down with Bucher for a closer look at all the hidden meanings in each part of the artwork.

"“All I had to work with was that it was Green Day and the album was called Dookie,” he says. “I used to listen to the Kerplunk! album all the time, and the first two songs especially just sounded to me like a fighter plane swooping down. That was the way in for me, the anchor for building the rest of the drawing. They didn’t give me a lot of guidance, which was nice, and I just sketched out the basic design and brought it to them. Once they approved the sketch, I went back and fleshed it out with the crazy stuff in my head.”"

View the full article over at wweek.com where Bucher goes over the meaning of different parts of the artwork such as the oil refnieries in the background and who the characters on the cover were meant to represent.

It also features a larger poster version of the artwork the band asked him to create.

It's a very interesting look at things from the bay area scene that anyone from there might miss.
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February 2023
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