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By Courtney /May. 29, 2002 / Comments
Don't forget to plant your ass in front of MTV at 10:30PM EST to watch Diary with Green Day and blink-182. The Official Pop Disaster Tour Website posted some pictures taken by Adrienne at the May 28th show. We got them here (Concert Pictures Page 5). The awesome picture in this update is also from there. The pictures from the Children's Hospital Meet & Greet were also finally posted. Check them out here. A lot of odds and ends were added around the site. A new poll was added on the GDA Poll, and also I put a poll archive. Here are the results of the last poll:

What do people do concerning Green Day that pisses you off the most?

It's Green Day, NOT Greenday! : 13 Votes (9%)

It's Billie/Tre, not Billy/Trey! : 12 Votes (9%)

"Dookie was their first album, right?" : 26 Votes (19%)

"OMG Billie/Mike/Tre is like soooo hot!" : 10 Votes (7%)

They say Green Day isn't punk. : 76 Votes (55%)

Total Votes : 137

I also updated the Fan List with new information about some members. Collector's Corner was among the updated as well. Now I need to tell you this story. I was driving to my job interview this morning, and I was listening to Y100 Radio Station. I didn't catch all they were saying, but I guess they had sort of a contest between blink 182 and Green Day. Well they were interviewing Tre and they said that blink 182 comes in second so they get a porn video. Then they go Tre since you guys came in first you get a bobbing head doll. Tre was mad because he wanted the porn. Does anyone know what the deal was with this? Also I would like reviews from May 28th show, since I could have went and choose Hershey, PA instead. If anyone wants to write me a review, check out the reviews page, pictures would be great too! Just e-mail them to me! I'm also looking for more pictures from the Hershey, PA show. Just send me any information! Oh and I almost forgot that I added a ton of new Fan Art and I still have more to post! I could deal with more, if you wanna send some in. Wow this was a hell of a big update!
The album cover for Shenanigans has been released! I also added it's information to the Lyrics & Discography page so check it out. I also added another new Pop Disaster item to the Pop Disaster Merchandise page I have set up. That's all ... read story
There's an article comparing Green Day and blink 182 at the Post Gazette. Check out this error from the article: The offspring: Green Day : Armstrong has two kids; Dirnt has a daughter. blink-182 :Married ... without children ... read story
Hey guys! Please join the NEW GDA Message Board today! My screenname is fashionvictim86 and Danny's is Heres2uMrsRobinson. Thanks a bunch to Darren of New Talent for making us an AWESOME new GDA Banner! In case it didn't come up on the ... read story
GDA Message Board up! Everybody go to it and sign up now! Today I finished the Song Meanings page. It's up and running. Green Day is in the new issue of MAXIM Magazine. For the scans click here. Also, there is a contest at Artist Direct. ... read story
I am still pumped up from last night's concert. I wrote a complete review, and that's on the Concert Reviews page. I have pictures coming of the merchandise that I got, so you guys can get an idea of what to expect. Once again, if ... read story
Hey all! I just got back from the HERSHEY, PA CONCERT! Fucken awesome. Just fucking awesome. To the left is a picture of me and how I look right now. That sweatshirt makes me look fat because it's so big. Oh well I just got it. ... read story
Finally, GDA is back after a server change! I'm sorry if this inconvienced anyone, but the new server has tons more space and features to make GDA even better. Now to catch up on some NEWS. First of all, Greenday.com recently posted this ... read story
Check out the funny picture of Tre! If you ask me, pink is his color. :) It's from Greenday.com. Also posted is a new intro to that website. Obviously if you go to it you will see it though. I made some changes to the site with the ... read story
The Frustrators (Mike's side band) posted over a 100 new photos from live performances and backstage/practice areas. So check them out. Greenday.net posted the article from the May issue of Kerrang. You can view that on GDA here. Also ... read story
Hey all! I wanna take this opportunity to say Happy 20th Birthday Susan! She's one of my best friends. :) Anyway, I picked up the new Eminem CD last night. It's pretty good. I know most of you guys probably don't like Eminem, but ... read story
Billie Joe and Mike finally updated their audio messages at Greenday.com. It wouldn't work for me, but as far as I understand, it's nothing special. But at least they finally updated, after almost 2 months of silence from both of them. ... read story
Hey. I'm Danny. I'm the new co-webmaster here at GDA. I added a Band Of The Month page. This months band is the Silent Film Stars. They are a pretty cool punk band from northern California. Right now I'm working on a song meanings page. ... read story
Sorry I haven't been updating, but I've been busy. Green Day and blink-182 are going to be on MTV's show Diary on May 29th, at 10:30PM EST. As I understand, it's about life at the Pop Disaster Tour. Should be interesting. That ... read story
Sorry blink-182 fans, but Green Day is kicking your ass. Read how and why here. Our old affiliate, Green Day XFS is back, so check it out. The picture to the right was added to Concert Pictures Page 5. Well, that's about all for now ... read story
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