Hey all! I just got back from the HERSHEY, PA CONCERT! Fucken awesome. Just fucking awesome. To the left is a picture of me and how I look right now. That sweatshirt makes me look fat because it's so big. Oh well I just got it. Fucken awesome. That sums it up. I was right up front. Saves the Day sucked, the lead singer looks like David Spade. I don't think they are great. When they were changing sets I heard some guy go ohhh Green Day's next now we have to listen to their songs I want BLINK and I was like YO fucken if it wasn't for Green Day fucken blink wouldn't be here. Anyway. Green Day came on and I was blown away. This year the concert was sooooo much better than the one I went to last year. Billie Joe was masterbating on stage and everything! I love how Billie gets the crowd to interact with everyone. After Green Day's show, we left the pit to sit in the bleachers, but we weren't paying attention to blink anyway. We sat there and talked about Green Day. I was like WTF is he saying and my friends are like WHO CARES. It was their first Green Day concert and they were amazed at how great they are. We didn't even stick around to see Travis's drum trick, we left like right in the middle of their set. Then I bought over 100 bucks worth of merchandise....which I'm going to take pix of to show people on here so look for them in a few days. THEN on the way out I was screaming GREEN DAY FUCKEN RULES and BLINK 18 WHO GREEN DAY KICKED YOUR ASS to everyone. I also have GREEN DAY plastered on my forehead (that's what the smudge is on my forehead in the pic) and GREEN DAY FUCKEN RULES on both my arms with black magic marker. I'm gonna write up a complete review and put it in the concert reviews section later. BTW, my camera got taken from me, but my friend got hers in and I might get a set from her. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS ANY PICTURES FROM HERSHEY, PLEASE e-mail me. Oh and ya know what I thought was funny? People were there wearing Abercrombie & Fitch shirts. No......you just don't wear Abercrombie to a punk concert. That is wrong. Anyway enough about me. Two new sets of photos up at GreenDay.com. One from the Sacramento Pop Disaster Tour, and the other from the Meet and Greet at the Children's Hospital in Oakland, check them out at Greenday.com. Also these articles : Rolling Stone, 'Green Day Finalize B-Sides CD'; JAM! Music, 'Green Day to release rarities album'; Billboard, 'Green Day Up To Shenanigans'. Well that's all for now. I just reread the post, and I sound like a damn teenybopper. But I was fucken excited, OK?!?!?
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