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[pic=Billie Joe talks to BBC Radio 2 about future plans]113013_billiejoe_hiatus.jpg[/pic]Billie Joe spoke to BBC Radio 2 to promote "Foreverly" and mentioned that the only plans Green Day have right now are the tour in Australia early next year then they'll take a little break to "recharge our batteries" before the next Green Day project.

[quote]We're going to Australia, doing a tour there and then we're going to take a break. We haven't really been doing much. So it's just nice to kind of do some other things, you know, when we get ready to do Green Day again, our batteries will be charged.[/quote]

Listen to the interview here.

Some places are already taking this comment and blowing it out of proportion with contactmusic calling it a "hiatus." Before people get carried away, I'd just like to remind everyone that this is usually what Green Day does between albums. Between 21st Century Breakdown and the trilogy they were on a break while Billie Joe was in New York to work on the musical and Mike played some music with The Frustrators. Before that there was a year or so between the time when Green Day stopped touring for American Idiot and went back to the studio for 21st Century Breakdown.

To me the real news of this comment is as I expected, the band are pretty much winding down the touring support for Uno, Dos, Tre, "recharging their batteries" as Billie Joe mentioned, and will get started on the next Green Day project when they're ready for it.

Until then let's not forget the on-going projects still moving forward. Green Day are still working to create a documentary about the early years of Green Day, and Billie Joe is writing new music for the theater production "These Paper Bullets", which is due out next year. Of course Foreverly only came out last week, and I'm sure they'll continue working on a new things as the months 2014 rolls in.
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