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[pic=Blue replica by Justin.]112513_bluefernan.jpg[/pic]A good friend of GDA, Justin, has been making replica Blue's since 2005 on his site [url=][/url]. In that time he has only ever made replicas using Fenders, Squires, and other Stratocaster copies. Recently he came across a Fernandes Stratocaster, just like what Billie uses.

Fernandes Stratocaster aren't hard to come by, but ones from the 70's and 80's are. They were made using the same headstock as Fender, until Fender put a stop to that. Since then Fernandes have made their Stratocaster with different headstocks, making the originals harder to find.

Justin has made this Blue the same style Billie used in 1994. He has almost every sticker exactly the same and has even added in a Seymour Duncan humbucker pickup, the same one Billie used. The guitar also includes the same red strap and duct tape.

Bidding ends in [time=November 29 10:03pm] (10:03pm EST November 29th)

You can compare the replica to the real one [url=]here[/url].
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