Just two bands have dominated alternative radio airplay chart more than Green Day.

The band was listed No. 3 on Billboard's "Greatest of All Time Alternative Artists" list, released this month to celebrate the Alternative Songs chart's 30th anniversary.

With 11 No. 1 singles, Green Day only ranked lower than Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. No. 3 is one spot better than Green Day's ranking in the 25th anniversary recap, Billboard reports.

Green Day also landed eight spots on Billboard's "Greatest of All Time Alternative Songs" list: "When I Come Around" (14), "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (22), "Basket Case" (124), "Longview" (184), "Brain Stew/Jaded" (227), "Time of Your Life" (Good Riddance) (276), "Holiday" (277) and "American Idiot" (278).

Check out the full song list here and the artists list here.
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