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We're back.

By BeachBum /Oct. 18, 2018 / Comments
It is no secret that GDA has been fairly inactive over the last couple of months, and I wish I could say the reason was something exciting like we were all abducted by aliens or put in witness protection. However, the reality is we have simply been abducted by our lives outside of the Green Day world, and this has resulted in GDA taking a backseat in our priorities. We acknowledge that there are certainly ways this could have been avoided, and we will be addressing them as we begin to move forward.

With that said, we hope to put this period behind us and resume being the best damn Green Day fansite on the internet.

Please be patient with us over the next couple of days, as we will be working to bring GDA up-to-date on all the Green Day-related news we have missed during our extended absence. Once we are caught up on everything from The Longshot tour to Billie deactivating his Instagram account (yeah we have missed an awful lot), we will resume keeping you the readers up-to-date with the latest Green Day news.

That said, even as GDA moves forward, many of us are finding that we are unable to dedicate the time and energy that we once could towards the site. It is, for this reason, we will be looking to our readers for help as we begin to prepare for the next era Green Day will unleash in the future. The type of help that is required is yet to be determined, so please stay tuned for details in a near-future post.

Many of you have also been asking for an update regarding the GDA Zine: Letterbomb Vol.2. You should be happy to hear that we have not forgotten about it and you can expect presales to begin at the end of November. We will provide more details as they become available and we may even have a few to give away to lucky fans.

On the topic of giveaways, we also have a bunch of Green Day-related merch, so keep an eye out for contests and giveaways in the near future.

The entire GDA team would like to thank you for sticking by us, even when it seemed like we had pretty much vanished off the face of the planet.


The GDA Team

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