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We need a new banner up on top of the site, so I thought it'd be cool if we give you guys a chance to contribute something to the site, and in the process, have a chance at winning some merch!

First, the necessities:
  • The banner must be 1000px wide X 100px high
  • Don't include the GDA logo, instead leave a space on the left side of your design where the logo fits
  • Remember that the tabs for "Band", "Site", "Merch", etc. sit on top of the banner along the bottom.
  • The left and right edges should fade to black, it just looks better.
  • Not a necessity, but it'd be cool if your banner was made of live photos from Green Day concerts

    Send your image to contests@greendayauthority.com by Friday September 16th (11:59pm EST), and we'll pick our favorite 5 submissions. Four runner-ups will have their choice of getting our new rage/love wristbands or some guitar picks, and first place will get some wristbands (or guitar picks) plus their choice of $25 worth of merch from the official Green Day store.

    Let's see what you guys got. Help make GDA all purty like.
  • Hey everybody! We're a little low on news right now, so we could do with a follow up to "pants gate" if Billie Joe is listening. In the mean time, we've been doing some stuff behind the scenes here at GDA, and we're pleased to show off our ... read story
    It looks as though American Idiot: The Broadway Musical has begun adding dates to their nationwide tour. Green Day's website announced yesterday that the musical will be in Chicago, February 7-19, just in time for the cities bi-annual ... read story
    In part 9 of Spy Rock Memories, Larry Livermore writes about Sweet Children growing up, and remembers the moment they told him they were changing their name to Green Day - just before they were about to release their first EP, 1,000 Hours ... read story
    Green Day's website for the American Idiot Musical has recently received a facelift in preparation for the upcoming tour of the show beginning this December. No new information about the upcoming tour has been announced on the site as of ... read story
    Hey Green Day fans! We've got some new wristbands in stock! They're based on the "Rage & Love" theme from Green Day's American Idiot album. You can order an individual "Rage" or "Love" wristband for $4 plus shipping, or we're offering the ... read story
    On this week... (click the year to watch a related video) Last Year: Green Day were on a short break between the final North American and South American legs of the 21st Century Breakdown tour. Billie Joe performed Wake Me Up When ... read story
    We recently reported that Billie Joe was kicked off of a Southwest flight due to his pants sagging too low. Besides being all buzz on twitter and tumblr, the news has made a small buzz amongst legitimate news sources, including CNN. The ... read story
    Congratulations to the winner of our first GDA/GDC Remix Contest, Wobbie! While we received several great remixes from lots of talented participants, Wobbie's mix of "East Jesus Nowhere" just stood head and shoulders above the rest. Wobbie' ... read story
    This week's Song of the Week is the defiant Reject, off Green Day's fifth album, Nimrod. Reject was inspired by a letter sent to Green Day in 1996 from an irate parent complaining about Green Day's "rubbish" music and the concern she had ... read story
    If I was posting this on our forum, Green Day Community, I would put this whole post in a "spoiler" tag because I don't like openly promoting this artist and/or genre of music on GDA. But, we are a Green Day news site so we kind of have to ... read story
    One of our forum members is selling her collection of Green Day magazines, a total of 37, that she's collected over the years. This includes all kinds of magazines from 1994 to more recent ones. Each magazine has a starting bid of $5. ... read story
    This week on the GDA Podcast, Static Noise, we talk about Billie Joe being removed from a plane for his saggy pants, a new book by photographer Bob Gruen, and talk about what Green Day was up to "on this week" in years past, as well as ... read story
    A couple of nights ago, Taylor Swift covered Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" at her concert in San Jose, California. Check out her rendition of the Nimrod classic... Judging by the audience reaction, it seemed to go down ... read story
    Thanks to @Whatsername1964 for finding this most appropriate photo. Here are some new stories related to the incident. Los Angeles Times, SF Gate, NME, US Magazine, CBS ... read story
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