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Holy crap balls. That's how excited I am. I'm excited enough to start off a post with crap balls. Why am I so excited? Because we can finally announce two new merch items available from GDA. And not just any ol' merch items, two of our best items in our ten year history, two things we've been working on for a while, and I'm really damn excited to show them to you guys.

First up, take a look our awesome new t-shirt "Apathy". What better way to show off your fandom than an obscure reference that most people won't get? This was inspired by the lyrics "I drank a six pack of apathy" from The Grouch. This idea has been in my head for a long time, and suddenly bam! there it is. Not only is this badass being made of some quality material, if you pre-order it now, you don't have to pay for shipping anywhere in the world. We're currently taking pre-orders until next week, the shirt will begin shipping February 20th.

Of course just one badass item isn't good enough for us. We're feeling ambitious. So I'm equally excited to introduce you guys to the brand new Green Day Authority Zine! In the first issue, available now for $5, we take a look back at 2011, review some of the biggest stories. This is 80 pages of review, artwork, photos, original editorials, crossword puzzle, and because it's the first issue and a special occasion, it's in full color.

We need to send out some major thanks to the people who helped make these items come together. There's no way we could have done these things without the help of some amazingly talented Green Day fans such as Violeta (graphic design), Kelsey - spark in the night - (graphic design), Luke Price (artwork), Kelly (artwork), Tony (review) Cheryl (editorials), J'net (crossword), Marie (editorial) and the many people who allowed us to use their photos and contributed in some way. Thank you!

The zine is available right now if you want to purchase it. We also have a bundle of the shirt + the zine to save a few dollars if you want both. As mentioned above, the shirt won't start shipping until February 20th so if you order the bundle it will be on hold till then.

Go visit the merch section and order some of this stuff. The money we make from merch goes directly into the site, it helps us do more stuff like this in the future, pay our bills, and maybe someday we'll even be able to buy a burger with it.
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