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Hey fans! Have you been to a show during this past Revolution Radio tour? We would like to hear about it. We’ve started work on our GDA zine, Letterbomb Vol. 2 (here is the first one if you’re curious), and would like to include your stories, memories, photos, and/or artwork.

Tour Memories
Send in a special memory you had this tour while going out to see Green Day. Whether it was something about the show (maybe it was your first, maybe they played a song that meant something special to you) or about meeting other fans at the show. Please keep it between 200-400 words. For those of you going to a later show, you are welcome to submit your stories/memories/thoughts after your show since we will be accepting them until the end of the year. See some examples from our 2013 Zine here.

Fan/Meet-Up Photos
Some of you had the opportunity to join the band on stage this tour while others made plans months in advance to meet up with other fans. We'd love to feature some photos of you guys hanging out with each other or rocking out with the band. Send in a photo and include the names (usernames if you’re a member of our forum) of everyone in the photos.

Green Day Fan Artwork
Did you draw Green Day related artwork or maybe made some kind of digital image (funny or creative)? Send it in! We'll have a section just to share some artwork with other fans. Of course your name (or name of choice) will be published alongside the work.

Please send items to gdazine@gmail.com. We look forward to reading and viewing your memories and artwork. We will try to include as many memories as we can!
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