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University of New Orleans, Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA
December 06, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • 99percenteks: "...and at the UNO with the Riverdales. That was the Courtney Love incident show."
  • Jason: "This was junior year in high school. Green Day's follow-up to Dookie, Insomniac, had just come out, and the band was still riding the wave that was Dookie. I liked Green Day a lot, even though it was obvious they were becoming less popular than they had been. My friend Dave liked them more, so I agreed to go with him to see the band at UNO. The floor was sold-out, so we had balcony. The show was good, but I was pissed because they only played for an hour. Granted, their songs are all three minutes or less, but they could have played more obscure songs instead of the hits, dug into some really old stuff — anything. So, I was disappointed, but they did rock."
  • MTV: "Courtney Love says she was roughed up by security guards while hanging out backstage at a Green Day concert, the Associated Press reports. Police said they were investigating the incident that Love said took place this past Wed. (Dec. 6) at the University of New Orleans' Lakefront Arena. Love, who leads Hole (and is in New Orleans to work with the band on material for another album), said she was sitting on an equipment box signing autographs when three arena guards ordered her to move away. She said they grabbed her by the neck and pushed her toward the seats, twisting her arm behind her back and pulling her hair while ignoring her attempts to show them her VIP backstage pass. 'My head was banged one, two, three, four times against a steel pole,' Love said Thursday. 'While this was happening, one guy was doing things down by my underwear. You don't touch a human being like that, celebrity or not.' Love said she was dragged into the audience area before the men released her. 'One of them said, 'Oh, you're Courtney Love. I'm sorry, it's all been a big mistake,' Love said. 'As if, just because I'm me, I shouldn't have been treated that way, but if I wasn't me, then I should.' An arena official declined to comment, saying he had not received a report on the incident."
Photos from New Orleans, LA
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