Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN
July 05, 1990
Other Acts:
Bone Club, Porcelain Boys
  • John Kiffmeyer: "We pulled into Minneapolis at 5 in the morning on Tuesday."
  • "I saw Green Day play at the Varsity to about 12 people, they were awesome back then!"
  • "...I was one of the 10 or so people at this show. They were great, we all got up on stage for the Operation Ivy encore cover."
  • Adrienne Armstrong: "The next day they played The Varsity. I ended up going to that show, too. My friend, Erika, introduced me to the guys that day. I wouldn’t say they were famous."
  • John Mulhouse: "You know, I can't remember much about the Varsity show, except I know they played 'Road to Acceptance'. Al came out and did a cymbal solo during the break in the middle."
  • Mike Dirnt: "The next day I opened up the case and realised guitar had broken in half; it'd caught a grain of wood and broken in half through the body. I was like, 'Fuck!' So this other bass player I knew in Minneapolis was like, 'Hey, I've got this old Gibson that I just bought for 180 bucks. If you want I'll sell it for you.' It was a G-3 Grabber, with three pickups, and he hadn't really even played it yet. I plugged it into my Yamaha amp, hit one note and said, 'I'll take it!' His jaw fell on the floor; that one note sounded so great, he knew he'd screwed up. He let me pay him when I got home from tour; he charged me 180, but I sent him 200 bucks. I used it for 'Kerplunk!' through 'Insomniac', and I toured with for well over 500 shows. I finally retired it after about the third time its neck broke, but I still have it at home."
Photos from Minneapolis, MN
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1. Don't Leave Me
2. At the Library
3. Paper Lanterns
4. Disappearing Boy / I Don't Know (Ozzy Osbourne cover) / Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
5. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
6. Only Of You
7. Going to Pasalacqua
8. 16
9. Sweet Children
10. Road To Acceptance
11. 1,000 Hours
12. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
13. Boys Don't Cry (The Cure cover)
14. Dry Ice
15. I Was There (Partial)
16. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
17. I Was There (Reprise)
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