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Silver Dollar Club in Phoenix, AZ
January 02, 1993
Other Acts:
Horace Pinker, Dogshow
  • Damienne Merlina: "Yes! The toilet water and the happy gross moshing!"
  • Daniel Kai: "Skinheads had to ruin another show but got checked. Crazy times. Potato in the toilet. Viva la revolution!"
  • "Green Day in Phoenix in 1992. The toilet in the club broke and shitty water leaked everywhere and they kept playing, obviously."
  • Isadora Kali Anne Seney: "I was there! Remember he took his shirt off and only wore his white boxers with little red hearts all over them..."
  • Matt Musselwhite: "I remember Dave Klatt was super wasted and getting slung in circles on the floor by his arms. The next day we went skating and he told us, 'All I remember was going around and around and water going in and out of my mouth.' My understanding is there was M-80 in the toilet."
  • Jon Walworth: "Hate to get all Green Day on your ass but that was a great night too. The toilet water, the hair loss that followed (gotta blame something). I used to have a video of this show but lost it. This was from the last show. Green Day did a show the following day for all the people that didn't make it in."
  • Aggro: "I saw them at the Silver Dollar Club in Phoenix in '93 just before they got really big. They put on a badass show. We all were just standing around. They got pissed off at all of us during the show, said we were all losers and had to get up and do something for once. So my girlfriend got up on one of their giant speakers and pushed it down. Stopped the show for a couple of minutes."
Photos from Phoenix, AZ
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