Lower Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA
March 05, 1993
Other Acts:
The Raggedy Anns
  • Secret show
  • Matt Kelly: "From a Green Day show we put on around spring of 1993. We got Chancellor Tien of UC to get on stage with. Tre's cup was definitely filled with beer from Bear's Lair. ...I put on their last noon concert - a 'secret' show - before they hit it big."
  • Jude Gold: "The first time I saw Green Day was in 1993. You were playing a free lunchtime concert in Berkeley for about 300 people, and I was amazed to see that probably 297 of them were singing every song lyric-for-lyric. I knew instantly you guys were going to be huge."
  • Uptowndevil: "I once saw Green Day (pre-Dookie) three times in one day - at UC Berkeley, Gilman, and a house party afterwards! I am pretty sure that was in the spring of '93. I moved to Berkeley that fall, but I came for my spring break and hung out with some girls (they were in the band Raooul) and I remember them ditching me to go get high with Tre in Green Day's van after the daytime show at UC Berkeley."
  • The Beno Journal: "Oh yeah, when we came home, some NBC Carson Daly show was on. Hrm, honestly, I find it to be a pretty annoying show. I feel celebrities like Carson Daly are sort of a national embarassment; but oh well... What can we do? I don't watch this show on a regular basis; that's for sure. Anyway, at the end of the show The Donnas performed. Phil has always been kind of proud that we saw them open for Green Day under the name of 'The Raggedy Anns' before Green Day or The Donnas were famous. That was back in what? '93? '94? Down on Lower Sproul... In Berkeley. A week or two later, Green Day got famous after Live 105 started playing their corporate label debut album. Well, I gotta admit, it's quite a story how we got to watch Green Day and stand right in front of Billie Joe since there was no audience, because so few people knew who Green Day were. Honestly, I didn't know who they were yet; i just heard the music, liked it, and stuck around to listen to it with my foot on the little stage. The flyers promoting the concert, as I always say when I tell this old story, advertised The Raggedy Anns featuring secret green guest."
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