The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
Don't forget to tune into the Colbert Report tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30PM EST. Stephen Colbert will be interviewing Green Day.

Tomorrow morning, make sure to wake up nice and early to catch Green Day kicking off the Good Morning America Concert Series with a live concert in Central Park, New York City. From what I heard you can catch them at 8:30AM EST on ABC.

Last night, I ranted to my fiance about how Walmart refuses to sell 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot. So I think it's funny that I wake up this morning to see that Green Day speaks out against Walmart. Seriously, they will sell Eminem's CDs but not Green Day's? Why even put parental advisory stickers on CDs anyway?

MTV has an article here about the wild night at the Webster Hall show on May 20th. They also have an article about how 21st Century Breakdown conquered Billboard in a short week. One more article at MTV explains how Green Day admire hip hop artists such as Eminem for example.
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GDA visitor Shaun captured and uploaded some really great quality videos from Green Day's performances on Saturday Night Live: - Know Your Enemy - 21 GunsSome songs from Green Day's performance in Berlin earlier this month have found their ... read story
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Green Day took the top spot on Billboard's Top 200, selling more than 215,000 albums in an abbreviated three-day sales week. You can check out that article here at Billboard.Also at Billboard, there's an article here about the Bowery ... read story
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Green Day's show last night at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City looked like a blast! Tre even played Blue (Billie's favorite guitar, for all you new fans)! Check out the pictures from the event here.MAGNET Magazine picks the five most ... read story
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Photographer Bob Gruen took some photographs of Green Day in New York City. The one to the right is similar to the photo he took of The Clash in 1981. You can view the other 2 pictures in our Picture Vault.21st Century Breakdown is doing ... read story
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Hey everyone. Thanks to Anibal for these videos.Green Day Live from Abbey Road (5/15/2009)American IdiotSt. JimmyEast Jesus NowhereKnow Your Enemy21 GunsGreen Day Live from Saturday Night Live (5/16/2009)Know Your Enemy (thanks Tom) ... read story
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Hey everyone. I hope everyone remembered to watch Saturday Night Live season finale tonight on NBC. Green Day was the musical guest! Don't freak out if you didn't get to catch it on TV though, I'm sure we'll have it on GDA as soon as we ... read story
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Today's Meet & Greet seemed like a blast, from all I've been hearing. Congratulations to everyone who got to meet our guys today. I've uploaded all the photos I have so far in the Picture Vault, click here to view them. They are amazing ... read story
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Don't forget that Green Day will be on SNL tomorrow night. NBC posted up a funny clip of the guys doing their promo with Will Ferrell, and a short interview afterward where they talk about the new album and the upcoming musical. You can ... read story
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Today's the big day, May 15th, the day we've been waiting nearly 5 years to celebrate. Green Day's new album is officially in stores and available online to purchase. Visit iTunes where you can order the Deluxe Version, which includes 2 ... read story
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Green Day held a press conference yesterday in Paris, France. For all of you who can read french, check out the article here. For all of us other non french speaking fans, you can view the photos here. They also performed a show ... read story
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Green Day and AMI are teaming up to have a few listening parties for tomorrow's album release. View the posters for all 3 events in Grand Rapids, Michigan - Vista, California, and New York City right here. For 3 weeks people can sign up at ... read story
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Green Day appear on the next issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, which actually should be out now. Read more about the issue here, where you can look at their photos for the magazine, a video from behind in the scenes at the photo shoot, and ... read story
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Presales for twenty different shows in the US and Canada will go on sale tomorrow at 3pm (local time for each venue) at the Idiot Club. Tickets go on sale to the general public May 15 and May 16, including those for the show at Madison ... read story
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Green Day will be playing a show in Japan on May 28th at Akasaka BLITZ. More info here. Thanks to Komomo.[+]MTV has posted a new interview and video that's a pretty good read. You can view the article and watch the video here.[+]Check ... read story
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