The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
Green Day recorded their appearance today for Last Call with Carson Daly in Los Angeles. They did an interview, then played Know Your Enemy, Murder City, East Jesus Nowhere, 21 Guns, Christian's Inferno, 21st Century Breakdown, The Static Age. People attending the show were then told a second band would be performing, and after a wait they brought out all the Foxboro Hot Tubs equipment and the guys came out and performed Mother Mary and Stop Drop and Roll. The performance is expected to air all next week, starting Tuesday night. I'm really hoping they decide to show some of the Foxboro Stuff. We need some good quality video of them already. Some people from the forum were at the taping, and you can read a few of the updates on the forum.

I've added a lot of new recent magazines to the articles page page, including the new NME Magazine and Guitar World with Billie Joe on the covers. Thank you much to everyone on the forum for taking the time to scan and upload the articles. I'm still looking for scans of the recent Blunt magazine the guys were on.

The Picture Vault was updated today with pictures from the New York shows and the pictures from the LA Hot Topic Meet & Greet. There are a few pictures of fans there, so if you attended, check them out to see if you got your picture taken.
Here's Green Day performing "Know Your Enemy" on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien ... read story
Green Day will be performing on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien tonight on NBC. The show usually starts at 10:35pm, but check your local listings. Tom Hanks is tonight's guest. The video should be available shortly after it airsLater ... read story
Green Day is on the cover of the newest issue of Australian Blunt Magazine. Thanks to Alex for the info. We'll post up some scans as soon as we get them.This was supposed to be posted Sunday evening, I forgot my own weekly tradition already ... read story
Here's the video of Green Day playing last night at the MTV Japan VMA's ... read story
Green posted some photos from Green Day's show in Japan taken by Chris Dugan. Some really great shots, including the one of Tre on the right. Go to this page, scroll down to the photos, then click "Next Screen" till the album for ... read story
Billie Joe is on the August 2009 cover of Guitar World magazine. The magazine is available for purchase now. We will have scans in the next day or two. The photo was taken by photographer Ross Halfin, which we posted earlier in the month ... read story
Tre talked with Rolling Stone magazine about playing SNL, the Bowery and Webster Hall shows in NYC, and about the upcoming tour. News via I was a concertgoer and I got to see Franz and then Green Day, I'd need a new pair of ... read story
The "String Quartet" of American Idiot features renditions of the complete album replacing the sound of full electric guitars and solid drums with the violin, viola, cello and double bass. I can't imagine a more niche audience for target ... read story
Absolute Radio did an interview with the band while the band was in the UK, and posted the video of the interview. They ask the band questions submitted by users on our forum, Green Day Community. Yay!The band has made their way to Japan ... read story
Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend...well us US citizens who celebrate it anyway. As previously reported, 21 Guns was scheduled to be released as a single this week, that release was just for radio stations ... read story
Here's a recap of the news for the past week:Saturday May 16: Green Day performed "Know Your Enemy" and "21 Guns" on SNL. The videos we originally linked to have been taken offline, but visit the forum for download links if you haven't seen ... read story
Hey everyone! To everyone who didn't get to catch the CBS interview with Green Day that aired this morning, you can watch it here. Thanks to Jen M. for taking the time to upload that. During the airing of the interview, they adverised ... read story
Green Day will be on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow at 9am EST (times may vary, so check your listings). They will have an "extensive interview" with the band, which was filmed last month when they were in Oakland. Here's a preview from the ... read story
Green Day performed "East Jesus Nowhere" last night on the Late Show with David Letterman. A very awesome performance. mentions that 21 Guns will be the next single, and will be available May 25 or the 26th. No mention of ... read story
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