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Director John Roecker posted this status on Facebook a couple days ago
excited about March 25th! Going to be a very Green Day. Confirmed

And yesterday the Idiot Club posted "If you live in the Los Angeles area, keep March 25th free."

Without anywhere to point to for more details, we believe this will be the date for a screening of the documentary "Heart Like a Hand Grenade" which is the making of American Idiot. We can only hope this means that a full DVD release will come later this year.

Alright, too much assuming for one day. All we know is that something related to Green Day is happening March 25th in Los Angeles and John Roecker is involved. Hopefully more details to come.

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We have a new editorial up written by Cheryl. She writes about the excitement the past couple weeks surrounding all the new information we've had about the next album. Take some time and read it here. You can read some of our previous ... read story
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Sixten, the artist whose work inspired the design for Green Day's new album cover, posted up a blog about his original artwork to give people some more details about where it started, and said I love their passion, and just had to make a ... read story
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The documentary ONE NINE NINE FOUR, which "documents the birth, growth, and explosion of punk rock in the 90's," will be released this year. We've been talking about this documentary for a while, which will include an interview with Billie ... read story
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Below are the scans for the Rolling Stone article titled "Green Day Go Bigger on 'American Idiot' follow up". Referencing the Kinks and The Who, Billie sums up the new album with I love those songs. How do you take that '65-'66 vibe and ... read story
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Rolling Stone will be hitting store shelves today, go pick up a copy of the magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover. The article "Green Day's New Epic" is one of the featured sections. We won't be posting the scans for this article right ... read story
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SPIN magazine also previewed the six songs from the new album and posted their review online. More positive stuff being written - they describe the title track as "Green Day's most epic song yet". Most places that have heard the new songs ... read story
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Happy 37th Birthday to Billie Joe Armstrong. Here's to a wonderful year coming up.   ... read story
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Written by Cheryl. Okay, let's set the scene: it's a cold Friday afternoon in February, and there's a minivan filled with seven not-so-silent females and lots of cargo. We're all on our way to an annual winter camping trip in upstate ... read story
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Rolling Stone writer David Fricke sat down with Green Day in the studio to discuss "21st Century Breakdown" recently. Look for the full in-the-studio report to hit news stands next Thursday, February 19th.Broadway Calls, one of the most ... read story
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To continue with this near daily trend of a major music network reviewing the first part of the album, Billboard has posted their review, "Green Day Roars Back With 'Breakdown'". In addition to their short review, they add Green Day will ... read story
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MTV News also had the chance to listen to and review 6 songs from the new album, 21st Century Breakdown. They seems to give a bit more detail about the music, giving many more references to the styles that certain parts of the songs remind ... read story
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Rolling Stone published their article online of some of the new songs they've heard. They talk about the music and posted some lyrics. They also reveal two more song titles, Restless Heart Syndrome & 21 GunsRead the articleThe title track ... read story
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Green Day is getting some very welcome press about the album announcement. I'm excited to see so many places talking about the guys, and most seem as excited as we are. A couple articles:USA Today: From this (Green) Day ... read story
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Visit the main page of to get a short teaser of one of the new songs. I'm pretty damn excited.You can download that preview by clicking here. Wiew the post below for the album art ... read story
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