The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
KROQ posted Green Day's performance and interview with Kevin & Bean from last Friday's "Breakfast with Green Day". They play 6 songs, and talk with the band for 5-10 minutes after each song, and some fans get to ask some questions. It's a pretty damn good thing, so click here to listen to it all.

The audio isn't working for some people, here's a link to download the full audio on MegaUpload. More download links can be found here. Thanks to Marie_GD on the forum

Making the headlines yesterday from that Kevin and Bean show was when Billie Joe announced that they are working on a Green Day Rock Band which will come out later in the year. Here's an article from Kotaku and another from G4 about the news.

Many people have been noticing Green Day being used on ESPN and for the NCAA. While no official type of deal has been announced, they definitely have been used quite a bit on the sports channel, and here's an article from Deadspin after they recognized all the airplay as well.

Starting tonight Last Call with Carson Daly will begin airing the bands performance which was taped last week. The Foxboro Hot Tubs performance will be aired on Friday on the show. I'm pretty sure video will be available from ABC, and if possible, we'll post the videos here.
Written by Angeline. I'm not at the beginning, I'm somewhere in the midst of it. Lines from the lyrics - Gloria's banners - come floating up. Words that I already love forever - words that inspire me, 'I am a nation without ... read story
We have a new GDA Editorial up titled "Once in a Lullaby" written by Angeline (user 'justcause' on the forum). She writes about the meaning of 21st Century Breakdown, it's relevance to the story line and reality, and Angeline really has a ... read story
Around the release of 21st Century Breakdown there was a lot of artwork and other types of promotion displayed around the world. A lot of this artwork was posted on Flickr, some of which you can find in this thread on the forum. There was ... read story
Green Day will be filming their next music video,"21 Guns", tomorrow in Los Angeles. They are working with director Marc Webb, who the band worked with on the music video for "Waiting". The video is expected for release later this month, ... read story
Mike Dirnt's new signature series shoes from MacBeth footwear are now available, you can find some pictures of the design on The shoes are supposed to be available for purchase from Journey's, but I can't find them on ... read story
Green Day recorded their appearance today for Last Call with Carson Daly in Los Angeles. They did an interview, then played Know Your Enemy, Murder City, East Jesus Nowhere, 21 Guns, Christian's Inferno, 21st Century Breakdown, The Static ... read story
Here's Green Day performing "Know Your Enemy" on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien ... read story
Green Day will be performing on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien tonight on NBC. The show usually starts at 10:35pm, but check your local listings. Tom Hanks is tonight's guest. The video should be available shortly after it airsLater ... read story
Green Day is on the cover of the newest issue of Australian Blunt Magazine. Thanks to Alex for the info. We'll post up some scans as soon as we get them.This was supposed to be posted Sunday evening, I forgot my own weekly tradition already ... read story
Here's the video of Green Day playing last night at the MTV Japan VMA's ... read story
Green posted some photos from Green Day's show in Japan taken by Chris Dugan. Some really great shots, including the one of Tre on the right. Go to this page, scroll down to the photos, then click "Next Screen" till the album for ... read story
Billie Joe is on the August 2009 cover of Guitar World magazine. The magazine is available for purchase now. We will have scans in the next day or two. The photo was taken by photographer Ross Halfin, which we posted earlier in the month ... read story
Tre talked with Rolling Stone magazine about playing SNL, the Bowery and Webster Hall shows in NYC, and about the upcoming tour. News via I was a concertgoer and I got to see Franz and then Green Day, I'd need a new pair of ... read story
The "String Quartet" of American Idiot features renditions of the complete album replacing the sound of full electric guitars and solid drums with the violin, viola, cello and double bass. I can't imagine a more niche audience for target ... read story
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